Centre of Excellence for Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and modelling
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Study with us

At Hull we see the need for high-quality, practical programmes in the field of AI and data science to meet current and future demands of society, at a local and global level.

An unprecedented revolution of not only scale, but complexity and speed is changing the way we live our lives. A true fusion of novel technologies is breaking traditional lines between old disciplines such as artificial intelligence, mathematics and statistics, and physics, and is starting to make the digital world inseparable to the physical one.

To deal with this disruption, known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we recognise the importance of empowering the workforce, creating new opportunities in the data science, artificial intelligence, and modelling domains.

As this is a global shift, popularity of our courses in these areas has grown substantially at all study levels with UK and international students. Through these courses, the University of Hull seeks to prepare our students for the opportunities and challenges that await them in their future employment or research endeavours, which could cover a variety of areas. At the University we are able to offer not only depth, but also a wide breadth of experience in these fields.

Our programmes

MSc Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Master by Research

Academic staff members within DAIM are happy to supervise prospective students for a Masters by Research in many different disciplinary areas.

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