Centre for Economic and Financial Policy and Accountability

Innovative research in economic and financial policy and accountability, offer new insights into prominent and/or emerging global and local challenges, such as green finance and FinTech, inequality and corruption, cyber-security and the environment


Group leads

Carlyn Dobson (Centre Co-Director)

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Qin Xiao (Centre Co-Director)

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The Challenge

The Centre will adopt an interdisciplinary and EDI-aware perspective, working with researchers at all levels, to offer new insights into prominent and/or emerging global and local challenges, such as green finance and FinTech, inequality, corruption and ethics/trust, cyber-security, productivity and the environment.

The Approach

The Centre will deliver research that is challenge-led by prioritising endeavours and investments in areas where it can be internationally competitive. This continuing process will build on existing strengths, develop growing areas, and anticipate emerging opportunities.

The Centre will continually raise the quality of research outputs, embedding impact throughout the research life cycle, and measure progress and competitiveness in the sector against recognised international benchmarks. Through enhancing research capabilities, the Centre aims to provide transformative solutions to global challenges, and sustain research efforts by capturing more and larger funding opportunities.

The Centre will attract, support, develop and empower a diverse community of talented researchers and research students, enabling them to deliver world-leading research and innovation. The Centre will foster a research environment that is inspiring, intellectually challenging, inclusive, collegiate, and which promotes collaboration.

The Centre will foster existing relationships and build new strategic partnerships with research organisations, charities, the public sector, and industry to strengthen research and enterprise endeavours. The Centre will also drive interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches to shape research with significant cultural, economic and societal impact.



The Centre’s work in EFPA will produce high quality and impactful research. Through enhancing research capabilities, the Centre will provide transformative solutions to global challenges, and sustain research efforts by capturing more and larger funding awards. New strategic partnerships will be built with research organisations, charities, the public sector, and industry to strengthen research and enterprise endeavours. The Centre will also foster a research environment that is inspiring, intellectually challenging, inclusive, collegiate, and which promotes collaboration.

  • Members

    Gabriele Amorosi
    Gabriele’s research interests are in income inequality, income distribution, financial market access (and its effects on income inequality) and economic convergence. He has published articles on economic convergence and regional policies in the EU. Prior to joining Hull, Gabriele spent time at the LSE (ESOC-Lab, European Institute) and has been Visiting Fellow in the Centre for Global Change and Governance (now Division of Global Affairs) at Rutgers University.

    Deborah Adekemi
    Deborah specialises in the areas of corporate disclosures, governance, performance auditing, sustainability and accountability issues in various organisational settings (especially multinationals, public sector and non-for-profit organisations).

    Thanos Andrikopoulos
    Thanos has research interests in the areas of international finance, financial technology (FinTech) applied econometrics, alternative investments and industrial organization. He has published articles in high-profile peer-reviewed journals and has been featured in several popular media outlets in the UK, France, Germany and Italy, including Forbes, Politico, Conversation. He is a regular participant in international conferences.

    Jonathan P Atkins
    Jon specialises in estuarine, marine and terrestrial environmental economics - especially the economics of ecosystem services, environmental valuation and management, marine natural capital, and stakeholder engagement. He also has long standing research interests in regional development, development economics and agricultural economics. Jon has contributed to the delivery of multidisciplinary projects, collaborating closely with natural and physical scientists, systems practitioners, and other social scientists. Projects have been funded by the EU, EPSRC, NERC, ESRC, and others including government, private business and environmental NGOs.

    Keshab R Bhattarai
    Keshab specialises in general equilibrium analysis of macro and micro economic policy issues and econometrics. He has published in many reputable journals. With colleagues at Suffolk University in Boston, Keshab conducted an analysis of the tax reform proposals of presidential candidates in the US election of 2016.

    Carlyn Dobson (Centre Co-Director)
    Carlyn’s research focuses on macroeconomics, applied econometries and the economics of developing countries. She has published articles on economic convergence, inequality, corruption, informality and remittances in many highly regarded economics journals. Carlyn is currently looking at whether uncertainties in expected income motivate households in Africa to engage in saving.

    John Fry
    John is a Senior Lecturer in Applied Mathematics. His research interests include spanning econophysics, mathematical finance, operations research, statistics and sports modelling. His research on modelling the Bitcoin market has been highly cited. John jointly won the Tom Fetherstone prize in 2019 for the best paper published in International Review of Financial Analysis in 2016. He has published articles in several leading Economics, finance and mathematics journals.

    Professor Robert Hudson                                                                                                              Emeritus Professor of Finance at Hull University Business School. Robert is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries and a Chartered Mathematician and has extensive business and consultancy experience. His main research interests are in financial markets, the financial services industry and the financial behaviour of individuals. Robert is the author of a book on stock market investment, over fifty refereed articles in leading international journals and a range of other publications and has presented at many universities and international conferences. His research has won a number of awards and has been featured in local and national media.

    Essam Joura
    Essam's research concentrates on Executive remuneration, Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Corporate Finance. He has published on Say-on-Pay effectiveness, managerial power and firms' policies in prestige. Essam is currently looking at the association between CEO pay packages and firm's innovation in the UK and the USA as well as CEO pay ratio and uncertainty.

    Amangeldi A Kenjegaliev                                                                                                              Amangeldi has research interests in banking, ESG indicators, exchange rates, international finance and macroeconomics. He has research experience at Leicester University and Strathclyde University. At the University of Leicester, he worked on his PhD under supervision of Prof Stephen Hall on monetary economics using TVC regression and at Strathclyde the focus of his research was offshore wind energy.

    Mohamed M Khalil
    Mohamed’s research focuses on financial reporting, covering a wide range of topics, including earnings management, accounting conservatism, corporate governance, and audit quality. His expertise covers IFRS, ownership structure, managerial compensation, and corporate agency conflicts.

    Youwei Li
    Youwei has research interests in asset pricing, longevity risk, market microstructure and quantitative finance and has published in many top journals. Professor Li’s research is funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China, European Commission, Australia Research Council, and the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council. He currently serves as Associate Editor for several journals.

    Calvin Machaya
    Calvin is an accountant (CA, ACMA, CGMA, CPFA) who have extensive industry experience in finance and accounting. He also holds a United Kingdom Accounting Practising license. His research interest is in Corporate Social Responsibility and Resource Allocation, Environmental and Social Accounting, PPPs and NGO-Business Partnerships. He has written a book in NGO-Business Partnership and another on CSR Implementation. Calvin also sits on the Board of Trustees for Climate Change Action NGO.

    Antonio Malfense Fierro
    Antonio’s research focuses on entrepreneurship and the role that universities play in introducing new technologies and knowledge through commercial and non-commercial activities. In particular, how universities can support businesses and local economies. His expertise falls within the new venture creating process: from idea generation/selection to opportunity exploitation, and encompasses all the related facets of starting a new business from team building- to fundraising- to operations, and eventual growth.

    Michael A Nolan
    Michael has research interests in labour economics and applied microeconometrics. His publications are both theoretical and empirical in nature. His published work has ranged over a number of topics, including absenteeism from the workplace, self-employment, the restriction of working time, the north-south divide within England, local economic performance league tables and the definition of local areas, happiness and life satisfaction, the role of relative income in determining the attractiveness of a universal basic income (compared to other welfare policies), and the role of employee participation in improving job quality and job satisfaction while reducing inequality.

    Wayne Rodgers
    Wayne specialises in auditing, entrepreneurship, sustainability issues, ethics, decision modelling, and trust models.

    Hadiza A Sa'id
    Hadiza research interest focuses on various aspects of management accounting. Prior to pursuing her research interests and academic career, Hadiza worked in a commercial bank in Nigeria.

    Raymond Swaray
    Raymond specialises in applied international macroeconomics and finance with particular interest in commodity markets, energy economics, agricultural economics and applied econometrics. He has also undertaken applied and evidence-based research into criminal justice interventions and education.

    Qin Xiao (Centre Co-Director)
    Qin’s research interests are in the price stability and accessibility of housing and mortgage markets, with a focus on the mathematical and econometric aspects of these topics. She has expanded her research to include corporate financial management and governance. These interests have evolved gradually into the policy area that relates to regional disparity and social inequality. Her most recent ongoing research is on corporate innovation and the role of commodity markets in driving financial and economic instability.

    Mahbub Zaman
    Mahbub has research interests/expertise in corporate governance, sustainability, auditing and assurance, and corporate reporting. His work has been published in many highly regarded journals. He has obtained research funding from several accounting bodies.

  • Outputs and Publications

    We will soon be sharing initial outputs from our active researchers



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