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Dignity And Respect Advisors

Committed to promoting equality of opportunity for all

Dignity & Respect at the University of Hull

The University is committed to treating everyone equally and with dignity and respect.

What are Dignity & Respect Advisors (DARAs)?

To support our commitment to equality of opportunity, the University has a network of DARAs who are University of Hull staff from a wide range of roles and departments. DARAs are approachable, independent, fully trained and ready to help all staff and visitors who may be experiencing problems with harassment and bullying.

What do DARAs do?

DARAs provide an informal service offering impartial support to anyone on campus.

DARAs will:

  • listen to your concerns and explore the issues involved
  • provide a safe, supportive and non-judgemental space
  • outline the options open to you
  • signpost to other sources of help and support where necessary

DARAs won’t:

  • undertake an investigation
  • decide whether the behaviour or conduct constitutes bullying or harassment
  • make decisions for you
  • take action
  • provide counselling or legal advice

How can I contact a DARA?

DARAs are available to talk to any member of staff or visitor to campus in person or by telephone during normal working hours.

Contact details for the DARAs are available below.


Any meeting you have with a DARA will be led by you. DARAs are there to listen to your concerns and help you reach a decision on the next step to take to resolve your issue.

DARAs offer impartial and confidential advice. In exceptional circumstances, if the DARA considers that there is an unacceptable risk to you, another person or the University, they are under obligation to use this information in order to meet their duty of care.

The DARA will take notes of key points during your meeting, as a useful record should a follow-up meeting be necessary. These notes will not be shared with anyone else.

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