Hull Marine Laboratory

Hull Marine Laboratory

Providing high-quality marine data, support and expertise to the University of Hull, external organisations and businesses.

Our seas and oceans provide vital services to humankind – producing food, absorbing wastes, and buffering climate change. Large-scale exploitation of the seas by industry requires consenting under national or international legislation.

Prospective users of the sea must answer – what lives there? Are the species protected? Will my actions cause harm to the environment? Answering these questions requires specialised marine biological knowledge, which Hull Marine Laboratory provides.

UK Salmon Farm

Marine science has been practised at Hull since the inception of the University in 1927. The Hull Marine Laboratory has been present in the Cohen Building in its current and previous iterations for around 40 years. In that time, it has established itself as one of the leading and most widely respected laboratories in the United Kingdom for commercial taxonomic analysis.

Hull Marine Laboratory
Hannah Lightley, MSc Marine Biology graduate

We provide high-quality laboratory analysis and survey work, focusing on all issues relating to taxonomy. We do this primarily within and around the marine environment, and we specialise in all marine invertebrates, fish, seaweeds, and zooplankton.

Hull Marine Laboratory provides fieldwork services for collecting samples/data from the marine environment. This data is used to generate an overall picture of an ecosystem within a study area. All the work we undertake has an overriding environmental context, from building new ports, jetties and windfarms to dedicated marine monitoring programs often aiding the establishment of UK Marine Protected Areas.

Our dedicated survey team travels all around the UK using multiple methods for collecting specific information on marine invertebrates living in and on the seabed and fish within the water column/seabed.

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Director: Professor Rodney Forster

Lab manager: Mr Will Musk

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