Professor Wayne Rodgers

Professor Wayne Rodgers

Chair Professor of Accounting

Faculty and Department

  • Faculty of Business, Law and Politics
  • Hull University Business School


Professor Rodgers is a chair professor and professor at the University of Texas, El Paso.

Professor Rodgers' accounting, banking, and management expertise derives from his employment as an auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young.

He was also a commercial loan officer for Union Bank and his portfolio includes Fortune 500 companies.

Professor Rodgers' primary research and teaching areas are auditing, entrepreneurship, sustainability issues, ethics, decision modeling, and trust models.

Recent outputs

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Artificial Intelligence in a Throughput Model: Some Major Algorithms

Rodgers, W. (2020). Artificial Intelligence in a Throughput Model: Some Major Algorithms. Boca Raton: CRC Press.

Trust throughput modeling pathways

Rodgers, W. (2019). Trust throughput modeling pathways. Nova Science Publishers

Journal Article

Artificial intelligence-driven music biometrics influencing customers' retail buying behavior

Rodgers, W., Yeung, F., Odindo, C., & Degbey, W. Y. (2021). Artificial intelligence-driven music biometrics influencing customers’ retail buying behavior. Journal of business research, 126, 401-414.

Application of Algorithmic Cognitive Decision Trust Modeling for Cyber Security Within Organisations

Rodgers, W., Attah-Boakye, R., & Adams, K. (2020). Application of Algorithmic Cognitive Decision Trust Modeling for Cyber Security Within Organisations. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management,

The impact of foreignness on the compliance with cybersecurity controls

Rodgers, W., Alhendi, E., & Xie, F. (2019). The impact of foreignness on the compliance with cybersecurity controls. Journal of world business : JWB, 54,

Postgraduate supervision

Prof Rodgers welcomes applications in the area of auditing, knowledge management, and corporate social responsibility.

Completed PhDs

- Denise Bowen O'Shaughnessy, Tax Compliance Determinants: A Proposed Model for Cross-Country Analysis (2016)

- Nora Alaniz-Bouqayes, Mapping Decisions of Reporting Asset Misappropriation within an Accounting Department Using Behavioural, Cognitive, and Cultural Traits (2016)

- Dej-anan Bungkilo, The Role of Audit Committees in Thailand: A Case of Audit Committee Oversight of Risk Management (2016)

- Badriya N Al Shammakhi, Improving Entrepreneurship Performance: Understanding Fraud Risk Factors (2016)

- Sarra Baroudi, Auditors' Negotiation Strategies: Joint Effect of Motivational Factor and Bargaining Power (2016)

- Sheikha S Al Subhi, Performance Audits in the Public Sector: The Need for an Enhanced Social Value (2016)

- Mouza S Al Habsi, Sustainability Issue: Focusing on Tree and Forgetting the Forest (2016)

- Mohamed Musa, Ethical Consideration of Influences on the Role of United States, United Kingdom and German Audit Committees: The Impact on Financial Reporting Quality (2016)

- Eriana Kartadjumena, Stakeholders' Concerns in Corporate Governance Mechanisms, Executive Compensation and Company Performance in Indonesia Commercial Banking (2016)

- Alisher Erkaboev, Tax Evasion by Uzbekistan's Small and Micro Sized Enterprises:Conceptualised in a Throughput Model (2016)

- Salem M Al Fayi, Ethical Positions Influencing Boundary Span between Board/CEO and Internal Audit Reporting (2017)

- Faisal A Al Hudithi, Social Capital and Participative Budgeting: Process-Thinking Prospective (2017)

- Eyad A Alhendi, The Impact of Foreignness on the Compliance with the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (2017)

- Ibrahim E. Albawwat, Throughput Model Embedded in Signaling Theory to Examine the Mechanism of How External Auditors Rely on the Internal Audit Function (2017)

Current PhD supervisions

- Khaled A Alblowi The Impact of Customer Satisfaction-Related Information on Company's Current and Future Financial Performance

- Abdulrahman Alharbi, The Impact of Corporate Governance Disclosures on Firm Value in Companies: Using Throughput Model

- Attah-Boakye Rexford, Cyber Platforms Enhanced by Trust Positions

- Sinan Last Namesalim, The Obstacles of Implementation of International Accounting Standards: The Case of Iraq

- James Murray, Accountability in Design of Gambling Environments in a Server-Centric Environment