Dr John Elliott

Dr John Elliott

Lecturer in Mathematics/ Admissions officer

Faculty and Department

  • Faculty of Science and Engineering
  • School of Natural Sciences


  • PhD / DPhil


I was an undergraduate at the University of Manchester, where I studied mathematics from 1975-1978. I then undertook a PhD in fluid mechanics, under the guidance of Mr. Eric J. Watson, in the department of Mathematics at the University of Manchester from 1978-1981. This was followed by two post-doctoral awards at Imperial College, University of London, under the guidance of Prof. Frank T. Smith, from 1981-1984. Subsequently I was appointed to a "new blood lectureship" in the department of applied mathematics at the University of Hull in August 1984.

Subsequently, most of my life has been centred about the University of Hull. I took a year of absence in 1988-89, where I took on a visiting lecturer at Iowa State University, and worked with Alric Rothmayer. At the same time I was also a visiting researcher at NASA Lewis at Cleveland, Ohio. This led to a research visit at NASA Langley, in Virginia in 1990.

I have undertaken several research visits in the subsequent years. I visited Hong Kong to work in rotating fluids with Prof Vladimirov. before his appointment at Hull. I often travel to University College, London, to work with Prof. F.T. Smith, and I have had extended stays at the University of Exeter and ,University of Western Australia, Perth, on both occasions to work with Prof. Andrew Bassom.

I have taught the following Modules

Level 4

Calculus, Vector & Linear Algebra, Mechanics, Mathematics for Engineers I

Level 5

Vector Calculus, Functions of a Complex Variable, Inviscid Fluid Mechanics, Calculus of Higher Dimensions, Numerical Analysis, Mathematics for Engineers II, Analytical Mechanics, Engineering Fluid Mechanics ,

Level 6/7

Partial Differential Equations, Fluid Mechanics, Waves

Asymptotics, Further Fluid Mechanics, Optimization, Numerical Solution of PDEs, Modelling for Sport Scientists, Thermo-Fluids for Engineers,

Recent outputs

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Journal Article

Aeroacoustics of supersonic jet issued from corrugated nozzle: new approach and prospects

Kopiev, V. F., Ostrikov, N. N., Chernyshev, S. A., & Elliott, J. W. (2004). Aeroacoustics of supersonic jet issued from corrugated nozzle: new approach and prospects. International journal of aeroacoustics, 3(3), 199-228. https://doi.org/10.1260/1475472042887443

The effect of wall cooling on compressible Görtler vortices

Elliott, J. W., & Bassom, A. P. (2000). The effect of wall cooling on compressible Görtler vortices. European Journal of Mechanics - B/Fluids, 19(1), 37-68. https://doi.org/10.1016/S0997-7546%2800%2900106-0

Viscous-inviscid interactions for surface-cooled axisymmetric boundary-layer flows

Elliott, J. W., & Strange, M. E. (2000). Viscous-inviscid interactions for surface-cooled axisymmetric boundary-layer flows. International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 5(4), 923 - 957

Research interests

My research interest lies in the general area of fluid mechanics. Although this covers a very wide range of research activity, my main expertise lies in high Reynolds number viscous flows.

My initial investigations focused on the phenomena of boundary layer separation, both for steady-state and unsteady flows. I have also been interested in the stability of shear layers and boundary-layer flows, with particular emphasis on Tollmien-Schlichting, Gortler, and Kelvin-Helmholtz waves. This also led to an interest in sound generation.

I am also interested in Stefan-like problems involving heat and mass transfer, such the impact of freezing/boiling water droplets on aerofoils. This emanates from my PhD thesis (under Eric Watson) an investigation into the melting of ice-shapes.

Postgraduate supervision

Dr Elliott welcomes students in the area of fluid mechanics.

Completed PhDs

- Peter Flood

- Mike Strange

-Susan Witty

Completed Mscs (Res)

-Steph Thomas