Inclusive Education

Working towards our vision for a Brighter, Fairer, Carbon Neutral Future

Inclusive education is central to the University of Hull’s vision for a ‘Brighter, Fairer, Carbon Neutral Future’. An inclusive approach celebrates diversity and embraces differences throughout all areas of university life.

Inclusivity at the University of Hull not only places students at the heart of this transformational change but actively empowers students as partners. Being inclusive means that all students are given an equal opportunity to succeed, independent of their background, identity or demographic characteristics.

To help our university community be as inclusive as possible, we have developed the University of Hull ‘Inclusive Education Framework’ and an accompanying toolkit of resources. The framework identifies five areas of activity required for inclusion:

  1. Structures and Processes. Our policies are reviewed regularly to ensure inclusivity, and our routine processes embed inclusion across the institution. We adopt an evidence and data-driven approach to inclusivity throughout all activities. Resources and infrastructure are accessible and designed with inclusivity in mind.
  2. Curriculum. Our teaching is personalised, decolonised and diversified, providing authentic and inclusive learning experiences for all students. We design out the ‘hidden’ curriculum, so we are clear and transparent about the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to succeed at university. We design teaching activities and resources to be accessible and authentic.
  3. Assessment and Feedback. Our assessment strategies are robust and allow students to excel through a diverse portfolio of assessment types. We adopt a competency based approach to assessment, using clear and transparent language. Feedback is constructive and supports learning.
  4. Community and Belonging. All members of the university community are valued as individuals. Staff and students work in partnership to ensure inclusive and supportive cultures. Students build effective relationships with their personal supervisors, and staff sign-post students to professional support services
  5. Pathways to Success. All students are supported to achieve their aspirations. We have clear academic expectations, and give all students equal access to guidance, support and opportunities.
Inclusive Education

View the framework as a PDF here or play the audio description.

We will achieve this through empathic leadership, empowerment of staff, student-staff partnerships and clear and consistent communication. Our approach to inclusivity allows for context and discipline relevant activities, allowing all students the opportunity to reach their full potential. The Teaching Excellence Academy support staff to embed inclusive educational practices in their local context.

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