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Advising policy makers

Our expertise can help you, your business and your community.

Our expertise is influencing policy in the UK and worldwide.

Whether briefing MPs or providing specialist advice to government, we help leaders and communities deliver change for the future.

Since 2006, the Institute has been closely involved in work on slavery and forced labour, some of it funded by Oxfam and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Members of the Institute also advise local agencies, among them the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority, on issues relating to forced labour, trafficking and asylum.

The Institute took a leading role in shaping the Modern Slavery Act (2015) and continues to inform debates around the Act, including the National Referral Mechanism and business compliance (Section 54).

We have also established a Justice Hub, made up of scholars, practitioners and policymakers, with the purpose of educating stakeholders to better use and enforce the Modern Slavery Act.

The Justice Hub

The Justice Hub is a Wilberforce Institute and University of Hull Alumni funded project that seeks to combat modern slavery by using research and knowledge exchange to engage and empower people to create a culture of change for good.