Dr Stewart Mottram

Lecturer in English Literature

Faculty and Department

  • Faculty of Arts Cultures and Education
  • School of The Arts


Stewart Mottram is fascinated by writerly responses to the violence and vandalism of religious reformation in the early modern period (1500-1700).

In current research, he focuses on how writers from Edmund Spenser to Andrew Marvell remembered the reformation through representations of two key religious objects: the stonework of sepulchres and funerary monuments, and the stones of ruined monasteries and religious houses.

He is author of Empire and Nation in Early English Renaissance Literature (2008). His second monograph - Broken Verse: Ruin and Reformation in Spenser, Shakespeare, and Marvell - was published by Oxford University Press in March 2019.


Level 3

Revisioning Shakespeare (lecturer)

Level 4

- Approaches to Poetry (module leader)

- Travels in Text and Time (module leader)

Level 6

- Playing God: Late Medieval Drama, from Page to Stage (module leader)

- Dissertation (supervisor)

Level 7

- Creative Writing Portfolio (module leader)

- Dissertation (module leader)

- Guided Independent Research Essay (supervisor)

- Medieval and Renaissance Intertextualities (seminar tutor)


Writing Wales, from the Renaissance to Romanticism

Mottram, S., & Prescott, S. (2012). S. Prescott, & S. Mottram (Eds.), Writing Wales, from the Renaissance to Romanticism. London: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)

Book Chapter

Spenser's Dutch uncles: The family of love and the four translations of a theatre for worldlings

Mottram, S. (2014). Spenser’s Dutch uncles: The family of love and the four translations of a theatre for worldlings. In J. Maria Perez Fernandez, & E. Wilson-Lee (Eds.), Translation and the Book Trade in Early Modern Europe, 164-184.

Journal Article

The religious geography of Marvell's "An Horatian Ode": popery, presbytery, and parti-coloured picts

Mottram, S. (2018). The religious geography of Marvell’s “An Horatian Ode”: popery, presbytery, and parti-coloured picts. Seventeenth Century, 33(4), 441-461.

"With guiltles blood oft stained": Spenser's Ruines of Time and the Saints of St. Albans

Mottram, S. (2018). “With guiltles blood oft stained”: Spenser’s Ruines of Time and the Saints of St. Albans. Spenser studies, 31(1), 533-556.

Brief reflections: the marble surfaces of Marvell's memorial verse

Mottram, S. (2017). Brief reflections: the marble surfaces of Marvell’s memorial verse. Journal of the Northern Renaissance, 8,

Postgraduate supervision

Dr Mottram welcomes applications from PhD students in the following broad areas:

- Literature and religion: medieval to early modern

- Representing the medieval in early modern literature

- Writing empire and nation in late medieval / early modern England and Wales

- Literature and the visual arts

- John Bale and early Tudor drama

- Edmund Spenser

- Andrew Marvell

Completed PhDs

Supervised the following projects to successful completion in recent years:

- Kaylara Ann Reed (as first supervisor), Writing Reform in 14th-century English Romance (2017). External examiner, Professor Raluca Radulescu (Bangor).

- Amy Albudri (as second supervisor),Phantasmal Morgans and Other Women (2016). External examiner, Dr Rob Gossedge (Cardiff).

Current PhD supervisions

Currently second supervising a NECAH-funded project on early modern English medicine and drama.