Dr Lisa Jones

Lecturer in Education/ PGR Coordinator (Education)

Faculty of Arts, Cultures and Education


01482 462052

Lisa Jones is a lecturer in education who joined the University of Hull in 2011.

Her research and teaching expertise focus on social inclusion and educational inequalities, particularly those pertaining to issues of social class and socio-economic disadvantage.

Before joining the University, Lisa worked at the University of Manchester as a researcher for eight years.

She is currently the PGR Coordinator in Education and teaches across a range of different courses including the EdD, MA and BA programmes.


Research Interests

  • Social class / socio-economic disadvantage and schooling

  • Culturally responsive teaching / pedagogy

  • Social class in relation to teacher / novice teacher identity

  • Understandings of culture in education

  • Extended services in and around schools

  • Barriers facing young people who are looked after in education

  • Teacher identity

  • Inclusive practices in primary and secondary schools

Research groups

  • Current lead of the Inclusion and Social Justice Research Group in the School of Education and Social Sciences

  • Facilitator for the interdisciplinary research cluster on Identity and Hybridity in the Faculty of Arts, Culture and Education

  • Worked with research teams on various projects funded by the likes of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, the DCSF/DfE, the Teacher Training Agency (TTA)/Teacher Development Agency (TDA) and the World Health Organisation (WHO)


Adderley, R.J., Hope, M.A., Hughes, G.C., Jones, L., Messiou, K., and Shaw, P.A. (2015) 'Exploring inclusive practices in primary schools: focusing on children’s voices', European Journal of Special Needs Education, 30(1) 106-121

Dyson, A. and Jones, L. (2014) ‘Extended schools in England: emerging rationales’, International Journal for Research on Extended Education, 2(1) 5-17

Hall, D. and Jones, L. (2013) ‘Social class (in)visibility and the professional experiences of middle class invoice teachers’, Journal of Education for Teaching, 39(4) 416-428.

Dyson, A., Jones, L. & Kerr, K. (2011) 'Inclusion, place and disadvantage in the English Education System', in Artiles, A.J., Kozleski, E.B., and Waitoller, F.R. (Eds.) Inclusive Education, Cambridge: Harvard Education Press.

Raffo, C., Dyson, A., Gunter, H., Hall, D., Jones, L. and Kalambouka, A. (eds.) (2010) Education and poverty in affluent countries. New York, London: Routledge. (Including five co-authored chapters within the book)


Programmes taught on (2019)

Modules list

  • Social Inclusion in Education

  • International and Intercultural Perspectives on Education (Masters).

  • Advanced Perspectives in Educational Research (EdD)

  • Undertaking Crtical Empirical Research (EdD)

Research PhDs

Lisa welcomes potential postgraduate research students in any of her research interest areas. She is particularly interested in hearing from those interested in exploring social class identities in education and social class as linked to teaching in schools.

Current PhD supervisions 

  • Understanding the multiple truths of 'disadvantage' among a range of stakeholders in a secondary school setting (EdD)

  • Novice English Teachers: their sense of teacher identity and its effect on their pedagogical choices (EdD)

  • Restorative practice and the role of 'community' in a secondary schooling setting (PhD in Law)

  • A critical exploration of disability representations and reflections on their influence professional equality and diversity training practice in Higher Education (EdD)

Teaching awards and accolades

  • Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

  • PGCE in Further, Higher and Adult Education

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • PhD in Education, University of Manchester

  • MA (Econ) in Social Policy and Welfare, University of Manchester

  • BA Sociology, University of Liverpool

Awards and accolades

Research grants

  • Exploring perceptions and uses of ‘culture’ amongst young people in the context of Hull 2017 – UK City of Culture (Hull 2017 grant of £9,800 to Lisa Jones (PI) and Josef Ploner).

  • Retaining Teach First participants in Greater Manchester schools facing challenging circumstances’ (Teacher Development Agency grant of £10,000 to Lisa Jones (PI), Dave Hall and Olwen McNamara)