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Dr Darren Mundy

Senior Lecturer in Digital Media

Faculty of Arts, Cultures and Education

School of Arts


01482 462186

The core of Dr Mundy's research focuses around information security (with a particular emphasis on privacy protecting technologies), e-government (with a focus on channel shift), and educational technologies.

He has supervised several postgraduate students through to successful completion of studies at the University of Hull.

Dr Mundy managed a 19 partner EU Lifelong Learning funded research project titled ‘Euroversity’ between December 2011 - November 2014 and has been involved a number of externally funded innovation projects focused around the innovative use of information technologies and digital media to support business services. He has more than 45 published articles.


Research Interests

  • Social media

  • eGovernment communications and web-based channel shift

  • Internet/information/web security

  • Privacy technologies

  • eHealth


Balela, M. and Mundy, D.P. (2016), 'Exploring Approaches to the Generation and Representation of Heritage Artefacts in Video Game Contexts', Asia Pacific Media Educator (Volume 26:1)

Umar, A. and Mundy, D, 'Comparison of Patient Empowerment Frameworks', Proceedings of ICHI 2015: IEEE International Conference on Healthcare Informatics 2015, Dallas, Texas USA, October 21-23, 2015

Umar, A. and Mundy, D, 'Re-thinking Role of Technology in Patient Empowerment', Proceedings of ISHIMR 2015: 17th International Symposium for Health Information Management Research

Umar, A. and Mundy, D, 'Re-thinking Models of Patient Empowerment', Studies in Health Technology and Informatics. 2015; 209: 175-81.

Balela, M. and Mundy, D, 'Analysing Cultural Heritage and its Representation in Video Games', DiGRA '15 - Proceedings of the 2015 DiGRA International Conference Digital Games Research Association, Luneburg, Germany, May, 2015, Volume:12, ISBN / ISNN: ISSN 2342-9666

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Programmes taught on (2019)

Modules list

  • Interaction, Experience and Engagement

  • Game Art and Design

  • Designing for Entertainment and Play

  • Game and Entertainment Studies

  • Web Security

  • Creative Leadership and Entrepreneurship

  • eBusiness

Research PhDs

I welcome applications in areas related to information security; eGovernment; social media; game design, and eHealth.

Completed PhDs 

Dr Mundy has supervised four postgraduate students through to successful completion of studies at the University of Hull.

  • David Webster, PhD, 2010

  • Robert Costello, PhD 2013

  • Amna Asmi, PhD, 2015

  • Yunxi Zhang, PhD, 2015

and has also supervised the following Masters by research students to completion.

  • Qasim Umer, MSc by Research, 2013

  • John Paul Bailey, MSc by Research, 2014

  • Jason Hayhurst, MSc by Research, 2015

 Current PhD supervisors

Majed Balela, Development of a Practical Framework to Support Cultural Representation in Video Game Contexts – submitted for examination

Aisha Umar, Understanding and Developing Patient Empowerment in a New Media Context – to complete Summer 2017.

Robert Consoli, Can the Use of Digital Communications Technologies Broaden our Understanding of the Natural Sciences? – to complete Autumn 2019.

Mona Arslan, The Use of Social Media in the Promotion of Social Change in an Egyptian Context – to complete Spring 2020.

Jason Hayhurst, Providing Dimentia Support through Games Based Platforms – to complete Autumn 2022.

Teaching awards and accolades

  • SFHEA (2014)

  • University of Hull Teaching Fellow (2009)

  • PGCHE (2006)

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • PhD, University of Salford, 2004

  • BSc, University of Salford, 2000

External roles

External examiner (Sept 2013 – June 2017) – University of Ulster (Collaborative FSc in Computing, Multimedia and Business)

External examiner (Jan 2013 – June 2017) – University of Bolton (BSc Web Development programmes)

Professional highlights

Co-management of the EU-funded Euroversity Network with Dr Luisa Panichi (Università di Pisa) and Marina Mozzon-McPherson (University of Hull).