Cat Fergusson Baugh

Cat Fergusson Baugh

Lecturer / Performance Co-ordinator (Drama)

Faculty of Arts, Cultures and Education

01482 466145

Cat has been at the University since 2007 and previously held posts at Kent and Warwick. She has worked with computer visualisation since the internet was young and programmes were launched from DOS.

She has made contributions to Channel 4’s Lost Buildings series, THEATRON (a virtual theatre resource), and to exhibitions of the work of Craig and Loutherbourg for the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Recently Cat's focus has moved to the area of digital performance, developing it as a taught specialism at Hull and contributing to the production of Surfaces of Understanding (Oculus installation) and producing Fellow Prisoners (binaural audio walk).


Research Interests

  • The applications of computer visualisation in contemporary production design and theatre history

  • The use of theatrical space (architecture and scenography) in the 17th–19th centuries


Fergusson Baugh C, 'Haptic Insights: Modelmaking as Historical Methodology', Theatre and Performance Design, Issue 5, (2018, forthcoming)


Programmes taught on (2019)

Modules list

  • Practical Specialisms 1

  • Practical Specialisms 2

  • Dramaturgy and Performance 2

  • Production Practitioner 1

  • Theatre Practice

  • Production Pratitioner 2

  • Making Performance

  • Digital Performance

Research PhDs

Cat welcomes applications in digital performance, scenography, theatre architecture, computer visualisation.

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • BA Hons Theatre Studies, Goldsmiths' College, University of London

External roles

  • Computer reconstruction exploring the process behind Vlastislav Hofman’s 1926 production of Hamlet, Shakespeare in Prague Exhibition, Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio, and University of Texas (2017)

  • Computer visualisations for Baugh C, 'Philippe de Loutherbourg: Technology-Driven Entertainment and Spectacle in the Late 18th Century', Huntington Library Quarterly, Vol 70, No 2, University of California Press, ISSN 0018-7895 (2007)

  • THEATRON - Theatre History in Europe: Architectural and Textual Resources Online. Contribution of research unit (Theatre Royal Drury Lane) to Pan-European EU-funded project designed to allow researchers to interrogate historical evidence and test hypotheses through virtual reconstruction and multi-media presentation. Also to form part of the Eduserve Foundation funded Second Life project, THEATRON 3 (2007)

  • Research and computer reconstructions for Professor David Thomas' article, 'Tennis Courts, Amphitheatres and Computer Models, tracing the French concept of the amphitheatre through late 17th century English theatre architecture', Theatre Notebook, Volume Liii, No 3