Cat Fergusson Baugh

Ms Cat Fergusson Baugh

Lecturer / Performance Co-ordinator (Drama)

Faculty and Department

  • Faculty of Arts Cultures and Education
  • School of The Arts


Cat has been at the University since 2007 and previously held posts at Kent and Warwick. She has worked with computer visualisation since the internet was young and programmes were launched from DOS. She has made contributions to Channel 4's Lost Buildings series, THEATRON (a virtual theatre resource), and to exhibitions of the work of Craig and Loutherbourg for the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Recently Cat's focus has moved to the area of digital performance, developing it as a taught specialism at Hull and contributing to the production of Surfaces of Understanding (Oculus installation) and producing Fellow Prisoners (binaural audio walk).


Cat welcomes applications in digital performance, scenography, theatre architecture, computer visualisation.

Journal Article

Haptic insights: model making as historical methodology

Baugh, C. F. (2018). Haptic insights: model making as historical methodology. Theatre and performance design, 4(1-2), 83-100.

Visualising Process- Hofman's 1926 Hamlet

Fergusson Baugh, C. (in press). Visualising Process- Hofman’s 1926 Hamlet. Theatralia, ISSN 1803-845X