Dr Amy Davis



Amy Davis is the author of numerous books and papers on Disney and animation, including Good Girls and Wicked Witches (2006) and Handsome Heroes and Vile Villains (2013), as well as the editor of the book Discussing Disney (expected 2018). Her primary research interests are Disney studies, US animation history, gender studies, and Hollywood horror.


Applications welcomed in the areas of Disney (all aspects), US animation (cinematic and/or televisual, to include merchandizing), Hollywood horror. Completed PhDs - Humor and Satire in American Prime-Time Animated Sit-Coms - Representations of Masculinity in the Historical Figure of Mark Antony - The Simpsons and Meme Theory Current PhD supervisions- Disney Princess Merchandising - Music as Narrative Device in Disney

Journal Article

How time works in the Simpsons

Gilboy, J., Davis, A. M., & Zborowski, J. (2015). How time works in the Simpsons. Animation : an interdisciplinary journal, 10(3), 175-188.