Africa Gomez

Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Science and Engineering

+44 (0) 1482 465542

Africa Gomez is a biologist whose research centres on the impact of sexual systems on population structure and phylogeography.

She is interested in the evolution, ecology and natural history of aquatic invertebrates, especially those dispersing passively, which she investigates using molecular tools and genomic approaches.

Africa is currently working on elucidating the impact of sexual system on sex chromosome evolution in Triops.

She was previously a NERC Advanced Fellow at Hull. Africa has published more than 50 peer-reviewed papers. She obtained her PhD at the University of Valencia.


Research Interests

  • The interface between population genetics, phylogeography and the evolution of reproductive modes
  • The effects of migration-drift disequilibrium
  • Passively dispersed aquatic invertebrates (including rotifers, Notostracans, Bryozoans, Anostracans)
  • Evolution of sex chromosomes

Research groups

  • Rob Hammond (University of Leicester)
  • Maria Jose Carmona and Manuel Serra (Universitat de Valencia)


Mathers T.C, Hammond, R.L., Jenner, R.A., Zierold T., Hänfling B. & Gómez A. (2013) 'High lability of sexual system over 250 million years of evolution in morphologically conservative tadpole shrimps'. BMC Evolutionary Biology 13: 30.

Maccari, M., Gómez, A., Hontoria, F. & Amat F. (2013) 'Functional rare males in diploid parthenogenetic Artemia'. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 26: 1934–1948.

Mathers T.C, Hammond, R.L., Jenner, R.A., Hänfling B. & Gómez A. (2013) 'Multiple global radiations in tadpole shrimps challenge the concept of "living fossils"'. PeerJ, 1: e62

Montero-Pau, J., E. Ramos-Rodríguez, M. Serra & Gómez, A. (2011) 'Long-term coexistence of rotifer cryptic species'. PLoS ONE 6(6): e21530.

Campillo, S., M. Serra, M.J. Carmona & Gómez, A. (2011) 'Widespread secondary contact and new glacial refugia in the halophilic rotifer Brachionus plicatilis in the Iberian Peninsula'. PLoS ONE 6(6) e20986. (doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0020986)

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Programmes taught on (2019)

Modules list

  • Human Evolution and Genomics
  • Environment and Society
  • Behavioural Ecology
  • Evolutionary Biology

Research PhDs

Africa welcomes applications for postgraduate supervision in her specialist areas of research.

Completed PhDs

  • Marta Maccari. 2017. Origin and evolution of Artemia reproductive and genetic diversity. IATS/CSIC, Spain and University of Hull. Co-supervised with Prof. Francisco Amat Domenech. CSIC and European Social Fund. Universitat de Valencia 20 September 2017.
  • Thomas Mathers. 2013. The genetics and evolutionary dynamics of reproductive mode in tadpole shrimps. University of Hull/NHM London. NERC CASE studentship. Co-supervised with Rob Hammond and Ronald Jenner.
  • Javier Montero Pau. 2012. Ecological and evolutionary impact of diapause on zooplankton. Universitat de València. Co-supervised with Prof Manuel Serra.
  • Raquel Ortells Bañeres. 2002. Diversidad genética y ecológica en especies crípticas de rotíferos: patrones y procesos. Universitat de València. Co-supervised with Prof Manuel Serra.

Current PhD supervisions

  • Graham Sellers, start date 1/10/2015. Discovering and Monitoring Endangered Triops cancriformis Populations in Ephemeral Ponds. University of Hull PhD Studentships. Co-supervised with B Haenfling. Ongoing.

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • MSc Biological Sciences, University of Valencia, Spain (1991)
  • PhD, University of Valencia, Spain (1996)