PET Research Centre

Biomedical Sciences Facilities

The University has invested substantially in our biomedical science facilities including the state-of-the-art £10 million Allam Building and a £700,000 refurbishment of our modern labs.

PET Research Centre

PET Research Centre

We are one of very few sites with a pre-clinical imaging unit, which links biomedical science with chemistry and medicine, allowing students to undertake cutting-edge research projects.

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Daisy Building

Daisy Research Laboratories

Based at Hull’s Castle Hill Hospital and funded through the Daisy Appeal charity, researchers in this world-class research centre, together with their project students, are developing technology to treat cancer, heart conditions and respiratory problems.


Microscopy Suite

The state-of-the-art microscopy suite facilitates research across science and engineering. Instruments include fluorescence, confocal, transmission electron, scanning electron and atomic force microscopes.

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