Clearing guide for
parents and carers

Every year, hundreds of students come to us through Clearing and go on to flourish on their degrees. Your son or daughter could do the same. Get them to call our helpline on 01482 466100 to speak to one of our friendly advisors.

What is Clearing?

Clearing is an opportunity. It’s how your son or daughter can get a place at uni if they don’t have one already.

It’s for those who do better or worse in their exams than expected. It’s for those who change their mind about where they want to go. And for those who’ve only just decided that uni might be for them.

Clearing is about the freedom to change track. To switch to a course – and a place – that’s right for them. Clearing is their opportunity to get the degree they need and the future they want.

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Our 7-point plan to surviving results day and Clearing

1. Make a 'plan B' list

Ask your son or daughter what other universities interest them, and jot down those unis' entry requirements and contact details.

2. Spare as much time as you can

It’s great if you can just be there. Whether that’s to offer moral support, to help with practical arrangements or to take them out to celebrate.

3. Don’t panic, don’t hesitate, just call

If they’ve missed out on their first or insurance choice, it’s time to get out that 'plan B' list and start calling. They can reach our friendly advisors on 01482 466100 to talk through their options at Hull.

4. Help with the phone calls

You can help your son or daughter organise their calls, but they’ll have to talk to the admissions team themselves. It’s a good idea for them to take notes.

5. Share the load

While they’re busy researching courses or making calls, you can help by looking into other things. Like the cost of living in the cities they like the look of, or the accommodation on offer at each uni.

6. Accepting an offer

Once they have an offer through Clearing, they can log in to UCAS Track to register and accept it. Their university will then get in touch with a confirmation email about the next steps.

7. Go and see the university

A Clearing visit day will help them to get a feel for the university they’ve chosen. And it can be useful for things like choosing accommodation and asking any questions of staff and students.

We run Clearing visit days every day from Friday 16 to Friday 23 August. Book your place on our visit day page, call 01482 466100 or just drop in – you’ll be sure of a warm welcome.


Clearing helpline

Our Clearing helpline - 01482 466100 - is open on A level results day, Thursday 15 August, from 7 am. It might take some time to get through, but we'll answer every call.

The first person your child speaks to will be a member of the Clearing helpline team, who will ask them about their results, how many UCAS points they have achieved, and the course they want to study.

They’ll also want to know about other achievements, like work experience, special projects, music and sport qualifications. Our team might then pass them on for a chat with an admissions tutor.

Your son or daughter could be offered a place there and then, or the University might need time to review the details and get back to them later in the day.

Fees and funding

Your son or daughter will almost certainly need a student loan. But it’s not like taking out a bank loan or a credit card. It’s an investment in their future.

If they’ve already applied for a loan, it’s easy to change their details. They just need to log into their account at and update their university and course. And if they haven’t applied for a loan yet, it’s not too late.

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