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Clearing guide for parents and carers

When they come to you, you can turn to this. Read on for tips, advice and everything you can do to help your child through Results Day 2021.

What is Clearing?

Clearing is an opportunity. It’s how your child can get a place at uni if they don’t have one already – for whatever reason.

It’s full of options. If they do better or worse in their exams than planned, it gives them the choice to apply or upgrade.

It’s the freedom to change their mind. To switch to a course – and a place – that’s really right for them.

It’s their chance to get the degree they need and the future they want.

Every year, hundreds of students come to us through Clearing and go on to flourish on their degrees. Your child could do the same.

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How can I help?

Make a Plan B list. Ask them what other universities interest them and jot down their entry requirements. Remember to note the university’s Clearing hotline too – ours is 01482 466 100.

Don’t panic, don’t hesitate, just call. If they don’t get the grades they hoped for, the important thing is to keep reassuring them that they do have options. And all they need to do is pick up the phone.

Spare as much time as you can. Whether that’s by offering moral support, holding their place in the queue for them, researching the cost of living and the accommodation on offer at the uni, or taking them out to celebrate.

Go see the university with them. That’s always the best way to get a real feel for the uni they’ve chosen. Plus, you can get all your questions answered by staff, students and parents who know the university well.  

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Your Clearing questions answered

When they get through, they’ll speak to a member of the Clearing helpline team. They’ll talk to them about their results (A level/BTEC and GCSEs), how many UCAS points they’ve achieved, and the course they want to study. 

They’ll ask about other achievements too, like work experience, special projects, music and sport qualifications, etc. So remember to make a list of these.

They’ll also take a contact address, phone number and email, so remind your child to have these at hand.

If the university needs more details, they may pass your child on to an admissions tutor.

The university might offer a place on the call, or they might need time to review the details and get back to your child later in the day. For some courses, like nursing, the initial offer could be subject to an interview.

If your child hasn’t applied for student finance yet, don’t worry. Once they’ve accepted a place, they should apply for student finance as soon as possible to make sure they have money in place before they start their course.

If they’ve already applied for student finance and their university or course changes, they’ll need to sign in to their student finance account and let them know. Make sure they check that the tuition fee for their new course is correct too.

Each university is different, but at Hull your child is guaranteed a room in our on-campus accommodation. Just as long as they apply by 1 October.

See our accommodation.

The health and safety of our University community is our main priority. We carry out regular thorough cleaning, and have put in place health and safety measures across the campus, including hand sanitisers, one-way systems for buildings and clear signage. 


Talk to us. We're here to help.

Our Clearing helpline is open on A level Results Day, 10 August 2021, from 7am-9pm. It might take some time to get through, but your call will be answered.

Here, they're a name not a number

We see the extraordinary in everyone. We saw it in Owen, Julliette and Sarah. We see it in your child, and we can help them find it. With their hard work and our support, they’re unstoppable. 

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Fees, funding & Clearing

While at university, your child will have two main costs: tuition fees and living costs. They can apply for student finance to help with both. But it’s not like taking out a bank loan or a credit card. It’s an investment in their future.

If they’ve already applied for a loan, it’s easy to change their details. They just need to log into their account at gov.uk/studentfinance and update their university and course. And if they haven’t applied for a loan yet, it’s not too late.

Find out everything you need to know on the student finance website.

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