The University Library Part 2 - Services, teaching and research support

The University Library provides key services related to collections access and ordering, skills development, scholarly outputs, teaching support, volunteers, and outreach.

Collections access

The vast majority of our digital and physical library collections can be discovered through our new Library Search. This includes journal articles, books, eBooks, DVDs and more. For precise research-related searches, we also provide access to an extensive range of specialist databases.

To support students and staff that require access to physical materials, we are pleased to announce our new Click & Collect/Returns service for items held in the BJL’s collection. This service is starting 7th July and adheres to the current social distancing guidelines to ensure it is delivered safely. Users need to book a slot and request materials (if collecting) in advance. More information is available on our website.

Our archival collections can be searched through Hull History Centre’s online catalogue. Physical access to archival collections and legacy paper catalogues is provided free of charge in the searchroom at Hull History Centre. Before you visit, please check current opening hours and ID requirements on our website as HHC is changing its services in response to COVID-19.

Collections ordering

We operate services for staff to order materials for both teaching and research activities.

All teaching-related orders are exclusively managed through ReadingLists@Hull, our reading list software. Training and support is available for ReadingLists@Hull through our dedicated reading list support guide.

Research-related orders be requested through our Book Order Form.

Skills resource development

We have developed a significant number of SkillsGuides providing advice, bibliographies and links to online resources on a variety of subjects, including study and learning, writing and assessment, research and archives, and technology and software. All of our SkillsGuides are fully embeddable into Canvas.

We also provide access to SkillsForStudy, an interactive online resource to help students develop core university skills like essay writing, critical thinking, groupwork and more! This can be fully integrated into Canvas for use in teaching.

Scholarly outputs

Guided by University and research funder policies, the University Library supports the long-term management and discovery of your research outputs, including data, theses, journal articles, conference papers and books. Find out how we can support the management of your research outputs on our website.

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Teaching support

We can deliver or co-deliver sessions for your students on learning development (academic writing, critical thinking etc.), library and archival research skills.

Staff can also deliver bespoke hands-on archive sessions and special collection sessions (bookable online) to introduce students to resources relevant to their studies which are available at Hull History Centre and in The Cube.

We are also able to provide resources for self-delivery relating learning development, skills and collections through Canvas and using other media.

  • The University Library manages the University of Hull Harvard and Footnotes referencing styles, producing detailed guidance for students.
  • Peer-Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) is an established initiative that is supported by the University Library. It involves pairs of student volunteers working with small groups of students in weekly, timetabled sessions. PASS is attached to specific modules within a programme.


We offer 10 week archive placements for students of the University of Hull, working on collections at Hull History Centre. These placements help students to develop competencies such as accuracy, attention to detail, and research skills.

We also offer many volunteering opportunities within the Brynmor Jones Library and with our Skills Team. These provide students with valuable opportunities to develop transferable skills and C.V. evidence. We also support volunteering with PASS in a number of departments.


The University Library runs Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts which are used to notify staff and students of library services, events, updates and collections highlights.

We also host exhibitions at both the Brynmor Jones Library and Hull History Centre.

Our Teams also support the University on Open Days, through hosting external and work experience volunteers and our Schools and Colleges Liaison Service.

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