Social Justice
13 April 2022
Volunteers step up again to provide critical support to those in need
Promoting justice and fairness for all

Our research in social justice is helping to drive a brighter and fairer future

Fairness for all

How are we promoting social justice?

Our research transforms lives. We work with disadvantaged communities, young and old, to give them a voice and enable them to overcome injustices. We are also helping to shape policy by working with government, charities, the police and NGOs.

Wilberforce Institute working to end slavery

Our Wilberforce Institute helped to shape the introduction of the Modern Slavery Act and is part of the £10 million UK Modern Slavery Policy and Evidence Centre (UKRI/AHRC). The Institute was awarded the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for its outstanding contribution to uncovering slavery around the globe, and highlighting how learning lessons from the past can improve our future.

Living with water

Enabling flood and climate resilience through local and global expertise

Other research themes