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Our ability to prevent and treat disease has increased beyond all recognition over the last 100 years and the advances of the 21st century look set to be even more dramatic. But with a rapidly increasing – and ageing – global population, huge challenges lie ahead if we are all to enjoy the benefits.

We have invested in some of the finest health research and teaching facilities in the country, from our superb new Health Campus to our dedicated PET Centre. Our expert staff and our strong links to NHS hospitals and clinics also play their part in the University’s richly deserved reputation for world-class multi-disciplinary research.

At Hull, we’re getting on with solving some of these problems. Making a difference to people here on our doorstep and all over the globe.

Here’s what we’re working on now. If you think you can help, we’d love to hear from you.

Building and repairing bodies

Driving innovation in advanced wound care

Our researchers are working with global medical technology giant Smith & Nephew to develop new ways of repairing the incredibly complex and intricate machine that is the human body.

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Aging population

Focusing on the challenge of dementia

Helping families and carers cope with this devastating condition, while enabling healthcare professionals to deliver the highest standards of care.

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Combatting isolation

Support for sufferers of diabetes

Working to drive innovation in the care and treatment of people suffering from type 2 diabetes who often suffer from isolation and loneliness.

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Biological Science
Mental Health Nursing


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Tackling cancer inequalities

Yorkshire Cancer Research is investing over £5m into research programmes at the University to tackle cancer inequalities in Hull.

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Video game tech trains radiotherapists

How our idea to use advanced computer graphics to simulate a 3D radiography treatment room - and patient - is being used to train radiotherapists around the world.

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A plaque was unveiled at the site for the £7.2 million research centre which is the result of a partnership between the Daisy Appeal, the University and Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals.

Identifying the early signs

The University is investing in new technology that will help doctors detect the early signs of three life-changing illnesses.

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wolfson palliative care

Pioneering palliative care

The new Wolfson Palliative Care Research Centre is making the University a global leader in research to improve end-of-life care.

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Helping people with cancer

Working to improve the quality of palliative care experienced by Yorkshire patients living with advanced cancer.

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How palliative care affects us all

Our world-leading research aims to help terminally-ill patients live as well as they can and - when the time comes - die with courage and dignity.

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mum and baby edit

Perinatal mental illness research

Nationally-acclaimed research to help pregnant women and new mums suffering from perinatal mental illness (PMI) to access better care.

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Talking about tokophobia

Our experts are carrying out a pioneering study of women who suffer tokophobia – the chronic fear of going into labour and giving birth.

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New weight loss research

New study focuses on helping women with polycystic ovary syndrome – the most common hormone condition in women of reproductive age.

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