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Rapid advances in technology, from the internet and social media to mobile devices and robotics, are changing our lives forever.

They open up a world of possibilities to solve some of society’s greatest challenges – but there are also potential pitfalls. 

Our internationally-recognised researchers are experts in the use of the latest technology in a wide range of areas from healthcare to sustainable buildings.

They benefit from cutting edge facilities like the University’s Viper supercomputer - the highest rated High Performance Computing (HPC) centre in the North of England.

At Hull, we’re getting on with solving some of these problems. Making a difference to people here on our doorstep and all over the globe.

Here’s what we’re working on now. If you think you can help, we’d love to hear from you.

Our facilities

positron emission tomography research

The University of Hull is one of the only institutions in the UK to have its own PET facility used exclusicely for research purposes.

Positron emission tomography research

VIPER - our hpc

Viper is the University of Hull's first High Performance Computer, making crunching big data a reality.

Viper high performance computer

PET Research Centre 2

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Future Materials

Future Health Technology

Cyber Security

Robots and Mechatronics

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