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Sluggish economic growth, declining real wages and public spending cutbacks have left many of our communities blighted by poverty. Those on the wrong side of the social inequality equation are struggling to deal with the results such as crime, poor health and lack of opportunities.

From the arts to education, our experts are looking at how communities can work together to tackle the problems they face. And our research on Hull’s year as the 2017 UK City of Culture is set to become a blueprint for cities attempting economic regeneration through cultural transformation.

At Hull, we’re getting on with solving some of these problems. Making a difference to people here on our doorstep and all over the globe.

Here’s what we’re working on now. If you think you can help, we’d love to hear from you.

Hull 2017 Legacy

Bringing new opportunities to thousands from uk city of culture year

Hull's year as UK City of Culture reached an audience of millions - with some 60% of ticket sales being bought by first-time bookers.

City of Culture opportunities

Culture of Place

using culture to change perceptions of places

An incredible 75% of visitors to Hull during the UK City of Culture year said they had had their perceptions changed for the better. 

Visitors perceptions changed

Humber Street
Made in Hull © Tom Arran

Social Inclusion

Crime and Punishment

Culture of Place

Hull 2017 Legacy

Positive Communities


HUBERT nicholson and sunk island

Helping people feel more connected to their sense of space through an inter-disciplinary look at the Sunk Island portrayed in a Hubert Nicholson novel.

Inter disciplinary look at Sunk Island


University of Hull researchers are developing arts projects in Sierra Leone to draw attention to the triggers that can lead to people becoming trapped in modern-day slavery. 

Arts projects tackles slavery

Tree silhouette
Stolen Lives

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