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Flooding. Plastics. Pollution. Energy. Sometimes the challenges seem almost insurmountable. Some are big, some small; some local and some global. But problems exist only to be solved.

We seek solutions. We’re problem solvers. We get the job done.

Research themes


Energy and the Planet

We’re working with governments and industry to find solutions to major environmental challenges: helping to create a healthier world for the next generation.

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Health and Wellbeing

Some serious investment has given us some of Britain’s finest health research and teaching facilities. And we’re using them to make a real difference to real lives.

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Culture, Place and Policy Institute

The Wilberforce Institute for the Study of Slavery and Emancipation

Logistics Institute

Marine and Maritime Institute

Institute for Clinical and Applied Health Research

Energy and Environment Institute

The Risk Institute


Faculty of
Business, Law and Politics

Faculty of
Arts, Cultures and Education

Faculty of
Science and Engineering

Faculty of
Health Sciences


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  • Culture, Place and Policy Institute

    Culture, Place and Policy Institute (CPPI) at the University of Hull stimulates research on cultural activities, cultural policy and culture-led urban and regional development across the University.

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