Wilberforce Institute for the study of Slavery and Emancipation

We're advancing
the end of slavery 
and exploitation 
around the world

The Wilberforce Institute has
become a world leader in the
study and explication of slavery
today, few have had more impact
on our understanding of and
response to a crucial problem
facing Britain today.

Frank Field, MP, Chair Of The Modern Slavery Bill Evidence Review

About us


Walking in the footsteps of Hull MP William Wilberforce, our influential research has received royal recognition and is helping governments, businesses and communities root out slavery at its very source - one of the greatest threats to human rights today.

Our unique strength is our understanding of both historical and contemporary slavery – learning from the past to create positive change today.

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Business research

Removing the
human cost within
your weekly shop

Modern-day slavery is big business. Our experts work with major companies who want to remove the human costs hidden within their profit margins.

Human trafficking and modern-day slavery are routinely employed by corrupt labour providers to produce and deliver many of the world's goods and services. With today's increasingly complex and fast-paced global market place, legitimate industries are unknowingly becoming entangled in the illegal trade in human lives.

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a difference

Postgraduate study

with us

Our PhD students conduct life-changing research that helps inform policies and practices around emancipation issues. Their work drives the agenda to help tackle slavery.

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Businesses and organisations

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Let us join you on your journey towards creating a robust ethical supply chain.

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Learning from the lessons of the past. Inspiring change in the present. Educating the policy-makers of the future.

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