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Educating the antislavery campaigners of tomorrow.

To create an engaging educational resource that highlights modern slavery – and why we need to do something about it – primarily among school-aged children.

'Stolen Lives' is supported by the teachers' union, NASUWT.


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Arts & Humanities Research Council

Collaborating with teachers, artists and musicians, our expertise helped to create a powerful suite of slavery stories captured on film and audio.  

‘Stolen Lives’ utilises the power of imagery and music to change attitudes and inform public opinion. It follows in the tradition of 19th-century abolitionists: antislavery songs were an important part of their opinion-building activities, particularly in the United States.

The Impact

A vibrant and interactive collection of films, narratives and songs that highlight the urgent global problem of contemporary slavery, and why we need to act, are now freely available. 

The resource is utilised in a number of different ways to help inform today's and tomorrow’s antislavery campaigners. 

As part of school lessons or assemblies, Stolen Lives captures the imagination of children aged 11 to 16 and focuses their attention on today’s forced labour issues. Youth, music, dance and faith groups as well as museums also work with Stolen Lives to raise awareness of slavery among their audiences.

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