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Scotland’s diasporas 
in a global context

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Uncovering Scotland’s slavery past. Helping inform effective modern-day migration policies.

As part of an international team of leading history academics we investigated some of the less known aspects of Scotland’s past. Firstly we uncovered the considerable role Scotland played in the transatlantic slavery trade.

Conversely however Scotland society tends to be relatively tolerant of migrant communities. Intrigued to explore the roots of how more tolerant societies may be created, we also researched Scotland’s more recent global migration history with the aim of uncovering the relationship between historical and contemporary global approaches.

Scotland’s diasporas in a global context’ drew together academics, policymakers and practitioners in a seminar series examining global migration in and out of Scotland.


Lead researchers

Dr Nick Evans

Project funded by


The project was one of the most wide-ranging research investigations into Scottish global migrations.

We produced a series of high-profile events held around the world. Leading experts and politicians such as the British Prime Minister and the First Minister of Scotland were among the prominent speakers featured. These events profiled cutting-edge research on the subject; engaged new audiences such as school pupils; and promoted education around the issues discussed.

The Impact

The project uncovered some forgotten sections of Scotland’s history during a period of increasing diversity. The findings are valuable for helping inform effective immigration policies.


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