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Find out how we can help you tackle the threat of modern-day slavery in your business and your community.

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Our expertise helps leaders, businesses and communities tackle modern-day slavery by conducting research, carrying out audits, and digging beneath the surface to get to what's really happening.

We work with businesses to eradicate forced labour from their operations. We use our specialist knowledge to inform and advise government and non-government agencies, and ultimately shape policy to help fight contemporary slavery in the UK and worldwide.

We provide bespoke, confidential consultancy to partners around the globe in order to shine the spotlight on how things are really being done - and how processes can be strengthened to prevent shortcuts from creeping in.

Risk Assessment and Training Service
Businesses have a legal – and moral – responsibility to eradicate slavery from within their operations. We help business meet that responsibility with our risk assessment and training services.
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Advising government
Our expertise is influencing policy in the UK and worldwide. Whether briefing MPs or providing specialist advice to government, we help leaders and communities deliver change for the future.
Advising Government
Collections and resources
Our own research library holds printed and digitised materials focusing on global slavery issues and is freely available for researchers.
Our research library