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Hull Health Trials Unit

About us

We provide a range of practical and specialist support throughout the clinical research process, helping researchers at all stages of their study;

  • Study Design and Funding Applications
  • Study Management including Regulatory Approvals
  • Data Management with secure online eCRF and Randomisation
  • Data Safe Haven for storage and processing of Sensitive Health Data
  • Statistical Analysis and Reporting
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How to work with us

Help us to help you – we recommend that you contact us at the earliest stage of your study design, preferably 6–8 weeks before the grant deadline if applying for funding.

  1. week-1

    Make contact with HHTU

    Please contact us via the online collaboration request form or by emailing Complete as much detail as possible to enable us to include relevant staff in the informal meeting.

  2. week-2

    Informal meeting

    We will arrange an initial meeting to review the collaboration request and to discuss your requirements in greater detail. We’ll share your plans with relevant HHTU and method hub staff for initial input and feedback on design and methodology.

  3. week-3

    Decision on study adoption

    Your project and submission timelines will be reviewed by the HHTU senior management team. We will make a formal decision on whether to adopt the study based on strategic fit and current capacity within HHTU. If we go ahead, we would expect CIs to agree to our terms of collaboration. We’ll then work with you to develop the study towards submission.

  4. week-4

    Activity estimate

    HHTU will work with you and the sponsor to determine the overall costs of the study. HHTU specific elements will include staff costs such as trial and data managers, data management systems, randomisation, monitoring, trial oversight and quality assurance.

  5. week-5

    Collaborative funding application

    HHTU will work closely with you until the research proposal is submitted. Our expert staff, including methodologists, statisticians and data managers, will input to the design of the study and to the completion of the application form.

  6. week-6

    Proposal submitted

    HHTU will assist with the response to reviewer comments, and with subsequent stages of applications. Once funding is confirmed, we will start to work with you on the implementation of your study.

Our studies

HHTU has a growing portfolio of studies at various stages of the research process – design, funding application, set-up and management. We work with a mixture of internal and external collaborators across a range of disease areas. We have demonstrated added value through the successful award of collaborative research grants, including NIHR-funded programmes of research.


Hull Health Trials Unit
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