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Falling Through the Net

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Wilberforce Institute
Dr Judith M Spicksley

The Challenge

Despite over a century of international activism and philanthropy intended to prevent the exploitation of children who move across borders, such exploitation still occurs. This cluster will allow us to examine the dynamics that not only facilitated, but may in some cases have encouraged, such exploitation to take place.

The Approach

The cluster will explore three case studies of children who were moved across borders. Two involve the organised movement of children to new homes in Canada and Australia early in the twentieth century, while the other considers the plight of children forced to leave their country by environmental change.

The impact

Children have a unique set of rights, agreed by international convention. In considering where, when and how gaps in protection for children who are moved across borders have arisen, this cluster will help us uncover the ideas, practices and contexts that foster and facilitate the exploitation of children on the move, so that we can have a better understanding of how and why it occurs, and what measures will need to be taken to close those gaps today.

PhD Students

James Baker

Jasmine Holding Brown

Saphia Fleury