Biomedical Sciences

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Faculty of Health Sciences
Dr Barbara Guinn
Group Lead

The Challenge

Biomedical science applies biological principles to medicine. It explores the physiological processes and functions of the human body to appreciate disease processes, diagnosis and treatment.

Our world-leading research aims to bring together academics and health professionals to quickly translate our work into tangible benefits for patients.

The Approach

We wish to understand the biological processes that underpin healthy ageing, to develop strategies to prevent disease and deterioration, associated with ageing, that lead to new therapeutic treatments.

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  • To improve the diagnosis and treatment of disease
  • To understand the causes of disease and how we might prevent them
  • To develop new therapies for the treatment of disease
  • To understand the biological processes of ageing
  • To develop strategies to promote healthy ageing, while preventing deterioration and disease



Identification of urine biomarkers for the earlier detection of cancer


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Examine the role of WSB-1 in breast cancer biology and progression


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Biomedical Science PhD student in the Allam Laboratories

Identification of protein post-translational modifications as novel cardiovascular and cancer biomarkers


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Biomedical Sciences Seminar Series

Dr Amanda Coutts
Nottingham Trent University

5 December 2018, 1-2 pm
Wilberforce LT27
Research Students

Leah Cooksey

Identification of novel biomarkers in endometriosis

Dr Barbara Guinn & Dr Isabel Pires

Merce Gomez-Merchan

Identification of novel biomarkers in sarcoidosis

Dr Barbara Guinn & Dr Simon Hart

Kelly Grayson

Identification and Characterisation of Novel Urine Biomarkers for the Earlier Detection of Ovarian Cancer

Dr Barbara Guinn & Professor Matt Hardman

Alistair Marsden

Arginine methylated proteins as novel cardiovascular biomarkers

Dr Pedro Beltran-Alvarez and Dr Neil Kemp

Sabrina Samuel

Investigation of arginine methylation inhibitors as a possible therapeutic route against glioblastoma

Dr Pedro Beltran-Alvarez and Professor John Greenman


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