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University of Hull sends resources to Ukraine university as the anniversary of the agreement reaches one year

On the 29th June 2022, the University of Hull signed a formal partnership with Mariupol State University (MSU) in Ukraine under the UK-Ukraine #TwinforHope initiative.

Now, a year on, the two universities have embarked on a number of educational and research projects, and a large shipment of IT equipment has just arrived at MSU’s temporary Kyiv campus.

MSU is a university in exile. The city of Mariupol and MSU’s campus there have been devastated by the Russian invasion. The University is now housed in a temporary building in Kyiv, where they have successfully re-established teaching and research.

Hilary Layton, Director of Global Engagement at the University of Hull, explains the recent work as today marks the one year anniversary: “Our initial support for MSU came in the form of fundraising and supply of equipment. Now, we are moving into more collaborative research and education projects.

Funds raised from our alumni and staff has enabled MSU to refurbish student accommodation. And a shipment of 200 items of IT equipment has just arrived in Kyiv. This equipment comprises computers and other equipment that we no longer need, but our IT team have carefully repaired and repurposed for MSU and their students.

Hilary Layton

This is all due to the #twinforhope initiative that was set up by Universities UK International. The universities of Hull and MSU are now partnered in a formal agreement to co-operate on work and research.

Over the last year, much of the work has focused on assisting MSU staff and students with English language support at their new base in Kyiv, and helping to refurbish and supply equipment for their temporary base.

This move to a new city came about after the academic buildings of MSU were destroyed or substantially damaged in February to March of 2022. This was due to the artillery bombardment that accompanied the siege of Mariupol.

At least eight employees and five students lost their lives as a result of the invasion. Out of necessity, staff and many of its 4,500 students were forced to relocate to Kyiv in April of 2022.

Despite the daily toll of destruction and misery, maintaining some level of normality through life and learning must continue in Ukraine.

Work immediately took place by the University of Hull to fundraise nearly £15,000 to help MSU with refurbishing student accommodation in Kyiv.

The University of Hull was also successful in winning a grant of over £39,000 from Research England for a range of projects to enable research to continue at MSU. This includes bringing academic researchers together to discuss joint research projects, support their library development, and provide workshops to MSU’s PhD students.

Hull’s Language Unit has also delivered bespoke English language sessions for Ukrainian students, with plans for further training and personal development being created.

“This is a long-term partnership, and one which will develop into an equal relationship of teaching, research, innovation and exchanges,” said Hilary Layton. “We will continue to work with MSU as it plays a vital part in rebuilding Ukraine’s society, economy and infrastructure.”

To learn more about the twinning agreement, please read here.

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