projection onto the side of the deep aquarium


Humber Science Festival set to showcase pioneering research with projection at The Deep

The Humber Science Festival will feature an extraordinary spectacle that will redefine perceptions of scientific research and its impact.

'The Compass,' an awe-inspiring immersive experience that will seamlessly blend story, sound, and light, will be projected on to The Deep in Hull after dusk on the 7- 9 September.

Festival Director Professor Mark Lorch, chemist and science communicator at the University of Hull, said: “The Compass will wow spectators – particularly those who are curious about science and the vast ocean of knowledge that is out there. We hope that the projection will recapture some of the amazement and enjoyment that were so inspiring as part of the projections in Hull City of Culture year. Bringing science into focus in this way – will bring recognition for pioneering research to a wider audience.

'The Compass' promises to leave a lasting impression on all see it unlocking a world of knowledge, inspiration, and scientific wonder.

Professor Mark Lorch

The Humber Science Festival is the University of Hull’s annual celebration of scientific advancements and exploration, aimed at fostering curiosity and promoting scientific knowledge within the Humber region and beyond.

The Festival brings together enthusiasts, scientists, researchers, and the public to engage in a diverse array of science-related activities, exhibitions, and events – with the majority taking place on the University of Hull campus. This year, over 30 science and technology organisations from throughout the region, including Drax, Smith and Nephew, Centrica, The Deep, and the Maritime Museum, are supporting the Festival to create an unparalleled experience for visitors.

'The Compass' was first commissioned by the British Science Association for the British Science Festival, hosted by Leicester in 2022 and will form an inspirational and memorable part of this year’s Festival.

professor mark lorch
Professor Mark Lorch

Embark on a journey of discovery with 'The Compass'

'The Compass' is not just an installation; it is an expedition into the realm of British science researchers, who are unveiled as intrepid pioneers on their personal voyages of discovery. This cutting-edge projection mapped masterpiece brings to life their tales of perseverance, passion, and innovation, revealing the profound impact of knowledge navigation and scientific exploration on shared human experience.

Immersive and unforgettable experience

As the sun sets over the Humber Science Festival, the magic of 'The Compass' begins to unfold. Projected onto the side of The Deep, this captivating installation takes spectators on a journey through space and time, exploring the depths of human knowledge. The fusion of mesmerizing visuals and a symphony of sound will transport spectators into a world where scientific research becomes a guiding compass for the curious mind.

Scientific endeavors: A beacon for young minds

Blending the research stories of British Science Researchers with those of young minds, 'The Compass' ignites the flames of inspiration in the hearts of the next generation. Witness the unison of scientific endeavor and youthful curiosity as they embark on their own scientific journeys, bridging the gap between the scientific community and the bright minds of the future.

Navigating knowledge at the Humber Science Festival

The Humber Science Festival is the perfect setting for 'The Compass' to take flight. As a platform that celebrates scientific achievements and promotes the wonders of exploration, the festival aligns perfectly with the spirit of this one-of-a-kind installation.

projection onto the side of the deep aquarium

On show at The Deep in Hull

Date: 7-9 September

Time: After dusk

Location: The Deep, Hull, Humber Region

'The Compass' is just one part of the festival, free tickets are available for the rest of the festival events via the webpage . 'The Compass' was commissioned by the British Science Festival, created by Illuminos, and produced by event production specialists, Inspirate.

For more information please email or call 07484 534322.

Or contact Prof Mark Lorch, Festival Director on 07738 156803.

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