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University of Hull bags bronze award for Hedgehog Friendly Campus scheme

The University of Hull has made the first significant step towards becoming a fully Hedgehog Friendly Campus by receiving a Bronze Award in the national initiative.

Last year, the University pledged to create a hedgehog friendly campus by signing up to a national scheme to protect the animal’s population. The team behind the project has now been successful and has secured the Bronze award after completing a series of tasks.

Steps taken include providing physical information on campus around hedgehog welfare, informing the grounds and security team of what to do on finding a sick, injured or orphaned hedgehog, supplying a British Hedgehog Preservation Society fundraising pot on campus, litter picking and installing a bug house.

hedgehog in the garden
Receiving the Bronze award is a positive step in protecting the spiky species

In total, the team had to complete 10 tasks to receive the Bronze Award. They will now work towards securing Silver and then Gold recognition for their work.

Lesley Morrell, Associate Dean for Education for the Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University, said: “We are delighted to receive our Bronze award, recognising the first steps we have taken towards making our university campus a safe environment for hedgehogs.

“This project has brought together students and staff from across our University, all of who share a common goal – to make our campus more biodiverse and welcoming to creatures of all shapes and sizes.

Over the coming year, we’re looking forward to undertaking more activities as we work towards our Silver.

Lesley Morrell

According to The Mammal Society, hedgehogs are on the vulnerable list for extinction, along with hazel dormice, Orkney voles, serotine bats and barbastelle bats.

The Hedgehog Friendly Campus initiative encourages universities, schools and colleges across the country to make improvements to campus grounds, creating safe and secure spaces for hedgehogs to live.

A team of students and staff are supporting the campaign by becoming Hedgehog Champions for the University and recruiting enthusiastic staff and students to get involved and become Hedgehog Ambassadors.

The initiative forms part of the university’s wider strategy to increase biodiversity on campus and become a more sustainable organisation, with the aim of being a carbon neutral campus by 2027.

Receiving the Bronze award, providing an official hedgehog friendly campus, is a positive step in protecting the spiky species, in a place where they can thrive.

Find out more about the Hedgehog Friendly Campus Initiative.

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