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Student input drives University’s Team GB partnership forward

Ten students have been given the opportunity to have their say as part of a panel focused on the University’s exclusive partnership with Team GB.

In the run-up to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, there has never been a more exciting time for students to be able to shape and experience the benefits of this six-year partnership.

Since it was announced in January 2019, the University’s partnership with Team GB has provided a diverse range of opportunities for staff and students – many of which go beyond a sports focus.

The University will continue to develop the partnership, which celebrated its 2-year anniversary in January 2021, by gathering insights and acting on student feedback. The panel, which includes undergraduate and postgraduate students, meets on a monthly basis to discuss ways of ensuring students get the maximum benefit from the partnership.

Their input so far has included: generating ideas and feedback for athlete appearances on campus, taking part in case studies to promote Team GB partnered programmes, and planning university celebrations for this Summer’s Olympic Games.

Nicole Bateman, the University’s Team GB project manager and chair of the panel, said,
“I’m so grateful for the ideas our student panel members are bringing, it’s clear that they have a unique level of insight which makes our sessions really productive. The enthusiasm of our members really is contagious, which makes my job all the more exciting as we continue to steer the future of the partnership together.”

The Hull Team GB partnership mirrors the institution’s core values, such as inclusivity and widening participation with double gold medalist, Team GB Olympian Max Whitlock as an official ambassador who is set to make guest appearances on campus and at local schools and colleges to inspire students.

To ensure the panel is representative of the University’s diverse student population, the student panel members come from a broad range of degree levels, subject areas and backgrounds.

Heidi Morris, who is studying a Masters in Medical and Mechanical Engineering, has already been involved with the Team GB Student Success Plan, a programme which was developed with key insights from Olympic Sprinter, Margaret Adeoye. The plan was designed to maximise students’ productivity by providing resources that help promote and maintain positivity, health, and wellbeing.

Heidi and the panel are enthusiastic about ensuring the Team GB Success Plan continues in the right direction.

Heidi said: “Feedback from the student success plan is also being gathered to help provide more student-focused material and make sure that the success plan is optimised to helping students get the most out of it and university life.”

Sian Doherty, President of Sports for Hull University Students’ Union and co-chair of the panel, is committed to supporting the work of the group, following the Student Union Council’s suggestion to get students involved.

“I became very invested in its creation as I believe it is a great opportunity for the students to really engage with the partnership and let their voices be heard by the university on a unique level.”

Members of the panel, who went through an interview process to be selected, have already boosted their employability skills, particularly through their experience of engaging with the panel remotely – in a Working From Home style context.

Sian said: “Even though this is the first year of the panel I think it has been a massive success already! From our monthly meetings, it is clear that we have a group of insightful and enthusiastic students who have a really creative input about how the partnership can benefit the student experience here at Hull. I look forward to seeing what this panel can grow into in the coming years!”

The Student Panel is the latest example of the exciting range of Team GB activities that have taken place since the partnership began in January 2019.

Other activities include an ongoing research project exploring British Olympic Champions of the past – the aim is to inspire current Team GB athletes to achieve success by connecting them to their athletic heritage – as well as a series of Team GB appearances where athletes have shared their personal goal-setting and medal-winning experiences with students. Additional highlights include a marketing challenge for first-year Business School students, a family sports event for local schools and colleges, competitive internships opportunities for students and the opportunity to volunteer at Team GB ‘Kitting Out’ events.

The University’s partnership with Team GB includes the Tokyo 2020 and Paris 2024 Olympic Games, and the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games. The partnership is borne out of a synergy between the University’s ambitions and beliefs, and those of Team GB.

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