allam sports centre lit up for disabled history month


Disability History Month 2021

The University, Hull Sport and Hull University Students’ Union have been celebrating UK Disability History Month on campus with a series of activities and events.

As Disability History Month, which provides a platform to focus on the history of disabled people’s struggle for equality and human rights, draws to a close – here’s a reminder of some of the resources, and activities that have taken place.

For further reading and additional information:

The Brynmor Jones Library has a reading list in their ‘spotlight’ series which can be viewed online by following the link to Spotlight on: UK Disability History Month 2021.

Alice Giblin’s series of 5 videos: Where Alice talks about how her visual impairment has shaped her life. She speaks very openly about what it means for her as she’s grown up and how COVID-19 has impacted on her specifically and her journey.

  1. Introduction
  2. Life at school
  3. Being a student
  4. Working
  5. Covid-19


Jonty Warneken – Getting over adversity video: As part of Disability History Month (2020) Jonty Warneken delivered a video on “Getting over adversity”. Jonty a Competitive Ice Swimmer who has swam with icebergs, was the first Ice Miler with a disability and cold water swims in the UK throughout the year. He found it really important being able to continue this during COVID-19 when he could. Watch more about Jonty by clicking on this YouTube link.

Two papers written by Professional Services Staff:

Issue 13.1 Summer 2021 – NADP ( – Kember, M. (2021) From enforcement to engagement: The role of the EHRC and Higher Education Institutions in considering the lived experience of disabled people. Journal of Inclusive Practice in Further and Higher education. Issue 13.1. pp 7-19

Winter 2020 – NADP ( – Omissi, C. (2020) From reasonable adjustments to inclusive practice: has the increased emphasis on inclusive learning reduced the need for reasonable adjustments for disabled students in UK HEIs? Journal of Inclusive Practice in Further and Higher Education. Issue 12:1 pp. 5-25.

middleton hall lit up for disabled history month
Purple Light Up Day - Middleton Hall is lit purple to celebrate International Day for Persons with Disabilities

Events on campus:

Hull University Students Union: in partnership with Hull Sport

Sunday 21 & 28 November (3-5.30pm), Wednesday 5 & 12 December (8.30-9.30pm): The Allam Sports Centre Indoor Courts hosted Wheelchair Basketball (minimum age is 16 years and above).

Saturday 4 December, 11-2pm. Allam Sports Centre, Indoor Courts. Wheelchair Rugby League is an inclusive sport played by anyone. The rules are the same as the running game, with slight adaptations to be played in wheelchairs.

Other University events:

Monday 3 December: Purple Light Up Day celebrates International Day for Persons with Disabilities lighting up Allam Sports Centre, Larkin and Middleton Hall purple #purplelightup

Saturday 4 December (11am-2pm): Opportunity to play with the Hull FC Wheelchair Rugby League side in the Allam Sports Centre Indoor Courts. The club was first established in 2013, and are currently competing in the Wheelchair Super League.

Thursday 9 December (Starting at 6pm): Inspired in Hull: Jonty Warneken. This is an inspirational talk by alumnus Jonty Warneken, a competitive ice swimmer who has swum with icebergs to become the first Ice Miler with a disability. There is more about him written on the Alumni Office Website.

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