Student meets Ed Miliband MP to share insights from social work placement

A University of Hull social work student, Katie Pearson, was invited to meet with with Ed Miliband MP, giving her the opportunity to discuss her views, feelings and opinions on her experiences during her social work placement.

Whilst on her first placement with Doncaster Mind, Katie was invited to meet the former Labour leader and her local Labour MP for Doncaster North to express her views.

katie pearson ed milliband

“I told him how I had seen gaps in the system for people suffering with mental ill health, staff overworked and waiting lists for counselling taking months,” said Katie.

“The more prominent gap in the system I have seen particularly was for people who fell out of the ‘mild to moderate’ mental ill health. 

“Services I have spoken to and the people I work with were at a loss due to not having the time or the resources to help as much as they want to.

“I also discussed how other issues in the news help cloud the flaws in our system considering the extent of child poverty, in work poverty, fears of losing the NHS and mental health services struggling and suffering funding cuts.

“He had great empathy and agreed things needed to change, beginning with funding and taking care of staff wellbeing.

“He confirmed that Labour recognises the need for help and funding in services and the importance of the NHS.

“Overall meeting Ed Miliband was a great experience, both for me on a personal level and helping me to improve my professional development in training to be a social worker.”

Well done to Katie for taking the opportunity to attend this meeting. It is great to see how so many University of Hull students are instinctively living the University’s vision, playing their part to shape a fairer and brighter future.

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