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Nando's marketing expert shares insight with students

An expert from one of the world’s most popular food brands, Nando’s, has provided marketing students at the University of Hull with advice to help them achieve their career goals in these challenging times.

In an online Q&A session, Doug Place, Chief Marketing Officer for Nando’s Africa, Middle East and India, gave recruitment insights and tips on how to navigate today’s job market.

He also talked about the influence of marketing in achieving success: “Marketing, when done well, can truly change the direction of a company.”

Doug’s passion for his profession was apparent when he told students “At Nando’s, we aren’t necessarily the biggest brand, but we certainly want to be the best.”

He said that despite current adversity: “There has never been a more exciting time to work in marketing.” He left students inspired with the notion that “Every great brand was born in chaos”, and that they should embrace the current challenging circumstances.

Dr Antonio Malfense Fierro, Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Hull, who organised the online session, said: “Hearing Doug talk about the challenges in such an inspiring way is extremely motivating for our students. I am so pleased that he was happy to give up his valuable time to help the next generation of marketing experts.”

Dr Malfense Fierro has made the most of online learning, using the recent pandemic-inspired reliance on software such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams to engage his students with leading marketers around the globe.

He said: “The pandemic has seen an exponential increase in online meetings – and everyone has become more familiar with the technology. We have seized the opportunity to bring some high-profile speakers to our online classrooms. It really is a great chance for students to hear from experts in business.”

“With the technology at our disposal, the variety of guest speakers we can welcome has increased dramatically.”

The session on recruitment from the Nando’s CMO was the first of a series that Dr Malfense Fierro is organising.

Dr Malfense Fierro said: “The sessions will provide students with the social environment they’ve been lacking as a result of the restrictions. They provide a welcome break from lockdown, for the students and professionals alike.”

“It was extremely rewarding to see my students have a positive outlook after the talk. They felt that listening to Doug’s opinions would help them to establish their own.”

The students’ feedback after the Q&A praised Doug’s “Honesty and openness about his views on marketing”, and welcomed the chance to listen to his “engaging, articulate opinions on business from a marketing perspective.

The remaining sessions are set to take place weekly. Dr Malfense Fierro has drawn on the resources of the vast talent pool of University of Hull graduates to give students a glimpse of different career paths and success.

Graduates who will share their insights include: Ehsan Asghar, Key Account Manager at Electrolux, and Corey Thompson, a television, radio and cinema advertising planner at PhD Media (media and marketing network of the year 2020).

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