Jess Phillips, University of Hull Modern Languages student


Going through clearing and coming to Hull was the best decision of my life

Jess Phillips faced the same difficult situation experienced by so many on A-Level results day.

After missing out on the grades she hoped for, and being rejected from both her firm and insurance choice universities, Jess admitted to feeling “devastated.”

After ringing several universities through clearing, she eventually settled on Hull.

Here, the dual languages student explains why choosing the University of Hull was “the best decision of her life.”

Jess Phillips, University of Hull Modern Languages student

Let me introduce myself, I’m Jess, a dual languages student on a four-year degree programme studying German and Spanish which includes a year abroad.

On my A-level results day I didn’t get the results I expected and was rejected from my firm and insurance choices. I thought my chances of getting into university that year were over and I’d have to retake. I was devastated.

But I turned to clearing and rang lots of universities, and was given an offer from Hull to do my dream course, and I accepted. My experience with the University of Hull has been brilliant and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

When I made the call to the Clearing helpline, I was quickly transferred to the admissions tutor for my faculty who talked through my options with the grades I had received and she reassured me that my grades were good, and put me at ease straight away.

I accepted my offer and came to an open day a few days later.

When I arrived, I was apprehensive as I was conscious I knew nothing about Hull as a city, or a university, but I had just accepted an offer to study there for four years.

As soon as I arrived I fell in love with it, I spoke to so many staff and student ambassadors who made me feel so welcome, and after a disappointing and anxious few days, I was so excited to come and study at Hull.

I was given campus and accommodation tours and secured my accommodation whilst I was on campus. I also spoke with staff from my department who fully explained what to expect from my course and I asked all the questions I had, all of which they answered, and I had a LOT!

My time at the University of Hull has been the best two years of my life. Everyone at the university is so friendly and always willing to help. The facilities at the university are amazing and the library is such a good place to study independently, or with your friends and it has all the resources you could want and more.

Hull University Students’ Union is a great support network for students, helping with anything from accommodation and money worries to mental health and wellbeing support. Not to mention in Student Central, the Student Union building, there’s a supermarket, cafes, SANC (our Students’ Union pub) and Asylum, our student union club.

All of these facilities and resources the student union offer, have helped make my time at university, with many great memories of Wednesday night Asylum nights and post-lecture or exam meet-ups in SANC.

I joined the University Dancesport team in my first year, and then this last year I have been the Treasurer for the team. 

Jess Phillips, University of Hull Modern Languages student

This was another great decision when coming to university - I have met so many new people and have been able to compete up and down the country against many universities, including a national competition in Blackpool. I think joining a sports team or society is a great thing to do because you can meet a new group of people and enjoy the new experiences and opportunities they can bring.

Hull as a city itself has lots to offer, including great shopping, restaurants, clubs and bars and lots of other fun things to do.

Close to the university is Newland Avenue, which has lots of student hotspots, shopping, eating and drinking choices too. In the town centre, which is about a 20-minute bus ride from the university, there’s lots of places to eat and shop and there’s also the Deep, a famous aquarium, and old town, which has more bars, cafes and restaurants.

Coming from a small town in Bedfordshire, I love city life! I love Hull, as I think it’s got so much to offer and it’s the friendliest place I’ve ever been.

I could not recommend the University of Hull highly enough and I look back on my A-Level results day positively now because I know it is the day my life changed for the better.

Do not let the grades you receive define you and do not let them limit you, there are always options. Hull was one of those for me and I love it here.

Clearing is a daunting process but it is well worth a shot, and it does not stop you from pursuing your university career.

Two years later, I love my degree and I am doing well, I’m part of a sports team committee and I am properly involved in student life and I couldn’t be happier.

Hull really has become my home from home. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and I think if you choose Hull, you will think this too.

Do not let the grades you receive define you and do not let them limit you, there are always options. Hull was one of those for me and I love it here.

Jess Phillips

University of Hull Modern Languages

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