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Underkript 2

BBC Humberside Introducing – a platform to shine

Excitement, nerves, anticipation – one group of music students are sure to be experiencing all of this and more as they prepare to perform live on BBC Humberside Introducing.

But our expert staff are on hand to help them make the most of this opportunity, which is just one of the many ways in which we encourage and enable our students to gain invaluable performance experience and showcase their music to a wide audience.

Three student artists and groups, Second Place, Rei Gyaamie and Underkript, will perform live on BBC Radio Humberside, 8-10pm on Saturday 25 November from our Middleton Hall studios.  You can listen live or on demand on the BBC Introducing website.

Dr Rowan Oliver, lecturer in Music, said: ‘“We are delighted to welcome BBC Introducing back to the University for the second time this year. This show is an amazing opportunity and a great platform for our students. It not only helps them to get their music heard by a far wider audience, but also gives them experience of working with professional sound technicians and playing in a live studio environment.

"The guys who are playing this year represent the best of our performers – and it was a tough choice to narrow it down to just three!"

Dr Rowan Oliver, University of Hull

Who are our performers?

Underkript is a 4 piece progressive/technical thrash metal band from Hull, comprised of four music students with a passion for all things compositional. While their style harks back to the roots of the genre, that being old school thrash metal and the NWOBHM, their music is also inspired by elements within modern metal, such as groove and metal progressive characteristics. The band strives to be original with their sound and has spent the past two years writing and recording their debut album, with a sound modelled around older and more raw sounding recording techniques.

This is then combined with their personal, communal and external expertise in modern day production to culminate in a listening experience unlike any other heard before in metal. The members of the band are also part of other music projects of their own, ranging from jazz bands to contemporary music ensemble composition, and live and breathe music each day of their life.

George Patterson performs under the stage name Second Place. His music combines live instruments and electronic music, with a focus on production techniques and the manipulation of sound. He writes, records and produces all of his own music and cites his main influences as artists including James Blake, Mount Kimbie and Caribou.

When it comes to performing live George entrusts his friends Shahriar and Adam of electronic group "Codex" to perform with him, along with their mutual friend Will. This combination of electronic elements mixed with live instrumentation creates a more varied performance as opposed to launching preloaded samples from a single device. The idea behind this is to make every performance different, with the band always adding elements to their set to create this unique hybrid sound.

Rei Gyaamie is made up of Reiner Tarry and Phil Jerromes, a singer/songwriter and producer duo currently at Hull University studying Masters Degrees in composition and production, currently working on some fresh music to be released soon.

Taking inspiration from current stars such as Dua Lipa, Charlie Puth, Katy Perry and Jorja Smith; Rei and Phil combine there songwriting and producing abilities to create a blend of modern sounds with soulful melodies.

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