Strengthening our region

Clean energy. A healthy future. Climate change. All huge challenges that we are facing, as individuals, communities and across the globe.

At the University of Hull, we are rising to the challenge and getting on with finding solutions to help solve some of the big issues – working to protect the environment in which we live, improve the quality of life and create the futures we want for those we care about. Our vision is to create a resilient innovation-driven economy taking full advantage of clean energy investments in the Humber.

We’re located at the heart of the UK’s ‘Energy Estuary’ providing us with a unique opportunity to collectively ensure the region remains at the forefront of research and development that is helping drive the green economy. Many of our research strengths reflect this, from our pioneering low carbon energy innovations in offshore wind, heating and cooling systems, to our Energy and Environment Institute, working at the interface between sustainable energy and environmental and societal resilience.

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Collaboration is key and we’re working to tackle these challenges head-on with partners across industry, public sector and government to drive innovation and growth in the Humber region.

To bring the maximum benefits of a low carbon economy to the Humber Region, we’re seeking involvement from a wider range of business and community stakeholders.  We would love to talk to you about projects that help drive clean energy growth, whether they are engineering, supply chain, waste management, economics or community engagement.

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Energy and environment institute The Energy and Environment Institute operates at the interface between sustainable energy, environmental and societal resilience

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