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Applications Open

Guarantee your
place at uni now

Find out more about our Guaranteed Entry Programme

Relax with an unconditional
offer before your final exams

We know the last two years have been particularly challenging and we don’t think one exam result should derail your life plans. That’s why we’ve created the Hull Guaranteed Entry Programme.

Under the Programme, we’ll be selecting students to receive an unconditional offer, as well as a range of support and benefits that will ensure they flourish at Hull. So if you’re chosen, you can accept the offer via UCAS and secure your place at university now, before summer arrives!


How does it work?

A limited number of places on select undergraduate courses have been reserved for Guaranteed Entry Programme offer-holders. Your UCAS application, including your personal statement, predicted grades and reference, will be reviewed by our Admissions Team to see if you’re eligible. Offers will be given to those who we believe will be an asset to our student body and where we are confident they will really thrive here at Hull.

If you are, you’ll receive an offer through our Guaranteed Entry Programme. You can then simply select Hull as either your firm or insurance choice and there’ll be a guaranteed place for you here in September 2022. Terms and conditions apply.

Although your place won’t be dependent on your grades, continuing to engage in your studies and taking your exams and/or completing your assessments are really important to prepare you for university and future employment.

Got questions?

  • What is an unconditional offer?

    An unconditional offer means your application has been reviewed and you’ve already met the entry requirements. So, if you're still sitting exams, your results won't affect whether or not you get accepted at Hull – the place is yours, no strings attached! It’s important to remember that, while your school or college grades won’t affect your University offer, they may impact your future employment prospects, so it’s important to keep working hard.

    You can learn more about different offer types from UCAS.

  • Do I still apply through UCAS to get an unconditional offer under the Guaranteed Entry Programme?

    For most of our undergraduate courses, you’ll need to apply through UCAS. Our institution code is H72. Our Admissions Team will then review your application and potentially send you an offer of a guaranteed place on the course of your choice.

    You don’t need to apply to our Guaranteed Entry Programme: you will be offered a place as part of the admissions process after you apply to Hull.

    Some students may also receive an unconditional offer if they already have their exam results and meet the course entry criteria. Apply now.

  • Who can apply?

    Offers under the Guaranteed Entry Programme will be awarded to UK undergraduate applicants only. Some courses have limited spaces and other courses are excluded from the Programme. See below for the full list of excluded courses.

  • Will offers be based solely on predicted grades?

    We will be reviewing your reference and personal statement, as well as your predicted grades, prior to making an offer decision. We want to understand your potential to succeed and your aspirations for the future – we know you’re more than your predicted grades.

  • What courses are excluded from the Guaranteed Entry Programme?

    All undergraduate degrees are available through the Guaranteed Entry Programme for 2022 entry, with the following exceptions:


    • BA (Hons) Social Work
    • BSc (Hons) Mental Health Nursing
    • BSc (Hons) Nursing (Adult)
    • BSc (Hons) Nursing (Child)
    • BSc (Hons) Nursing (Learning Disability)
    • BSc (Hons) Operating Department Practice
    • BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science
    • BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy
    • BSc (Hons) Midwifery
    • BA (Hons) British Politics and Legislative Studies
    • LLB Law and Legislative Studies

    Masters or integrated Masters

    • MA Social Work
    • MSc Social Work
    • MBiochem
    • MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering
    • MEng Mechanical Engineering
    • MEng Mechanical and Medical Engineering
    • MEng Biomedical Engineering
    • MPhys Physics
    • MPhys Physics with Astrophysics

    All programmes requiring below 112 UCAS points – these are all Foundation Year progs but also include BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies, BA (Hons) Education Studies pathways, BA (Hons) Working with Children, Young People and Families.

  • When will I find out if I have an unconditional offer?

    Our admissions team are working hard to review applications and finalise offers, and we’ll respond to your application as soon as we can. If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to get in touch at, or call 01482 466100.

  • I received an unconditional offer from Hull. What do I do next?

    Congratulations! If you haven't done it already, your first step will be to accept your offer. Just select the Hull course as your firm choice (CF) or insurance choice (CI) on UCAS Track. Once we’ve received your acceptance, your place for September 2022 will then be secured.

    Note: your offer may still appear as ‘conditional’ in Track, however we will manually change this to ‘unconditional’ after you submit your acceptance (it may take two working days).

    If you applied for two Hull courses, and you’re successful for both, you’ll receive two separate offers – note that you can only accept one unconditional offer on UCAS.

    Your unconditional offer is dependent upon you making Hull your firm or insurance choice. If you decide not to do this, you will not be eligible for this unconditional offer.

    Applying to university is not a simple process, but we’re very happy to help you navigate it! We can always be reached at

  • When I go on UCAS Track, why is my offer still ‘conditional’ from the University of Hull?

    After you accept your offer from the University of Hull, and select the Hull course as your firm or insurance choice, we'll then receive the notification from UCAS. The Admissions Team will then change your Hull offer to ‘unconditional’ and your place is secured with us for September. This can take up to two business days.

  • Are there any conditions on my offer under the Hull Guaranteed Entry Programme?

    We want you to perform to the best of your abilities in your final exams. By offering you this opportunity, we believe you’re committed to your current studies and expect that you’ll complete all the qualifications you have told us you are working towards.

    A Guaranteed Entry offer is not conditional on achieving a certain grade or particular subject results in your final exams.

    However, your place is subject to successful completion of further steps, such as collection of evidence of qualifications and completion of a declaration regarding criminal convictions. Your place may also be subject to minimal GCSE requirements, an interview or a practical exam, dependent upon the course chosen. We will communicate such requirements with you after you apply.

  • What financial support am I eligible for?

    Full-time undergraduate applications for a loan to cover tuition fees (paid directly to the University) and maintenance costs (paid directly into your bank account at the start of term) are now open for 2022. This is available wherever you choose to study in the UK, and is repayable. You don’t need to have a confirmed offer of a place at university to start the process. Visit our Student Finance page to find out more. 

  • When should I think about accommodation?

    Short answer: now!

    Many students say one of the best parts of the university experience is living in on-campus accommodation. You’ll have the chance to live in a community that has people from so many counties, countries and walks of life. And the best part is: you’ll be able to roll out of your bed and into your lecture theatre (and, later, into the bar or nightclub!). As an added bonus, with on-campus accommodation your bills are all-inclusive, leaving you with more money and fewer problems!

    The earlier you apply, the more likely you are to get your first accommodation preference – apply now.

    Receiving your accommodation offer is another weight off your shoulders. You can focus on your final studies, knowing both your University of Hull offer and accommodation place are secured – ready for a stress-free 2022.


  • What if I need additional study support?

    As well as financial help, you can access a whole range of support services at the University of Hull – for example, if you have a specific learning difficulty, need to brush up on some academic skills, or you have any mental health concerns.

    Hull prides itself on being one big community and we work hard to provide our students with the support they need to adjust to university life and really flourish on their courses. Visit our support page to find out more. Our team are here to help you.