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Specialist Practice Teaching (Practice Teacher Programme)

Continuing Professional Development Individual module

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This module has been designed to prepare you to act a Practice Teacher in line with published professional standards. In order to demonstrate your ability to act as a competent practice teacher, you will need access to appropriate learns in the practice or work-based setting. This access will be facilitated by an experienced practice teacher (to be known as the supervising practice teacher) who will have been allocated a learner for the duration of their specialist practice education programme.

In order to monitor your progress, ensure you're achieving the learning outcomes, and being adequately supported, a number of structured triangulation interviews will take place at regular intervals throughout the module. The first (initial) triangulation interview will be in the first semester e.g. in week 6 or 7 between the Supervising Practice Teacher (SPT), practice teacher student and academic supervisor. The second (interim) triangulation interview will take place midway through the second semester (week 6 or 7). The third (final) triangulation interview will take place after completion of the taught modules during the specialist practice learner's period of consolidation

With regard to the NMC requirements for sign off (NMC circular 27/2007) and guidance from the Education Advisor (NMC October 2011) there will be a simulation exercise within this module which will allow you to demonstrate your knowledge, skills and competence related to sign off status. The simulation exercise will be in the form of a role play supervised by practice based Practice Teachers. The exercise will test the knowledge and understanding of assessment strategies, programme and registration requirements and personal accountability in the process of passing or failing learners. This supervised exercise will form the first part of sign off criteria and you can complete the two further sign off activities under the supervision of an appropriately qualified Practice Teacher in practice.

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September 24 weeks (2 semesters)

Benefit from the amazing facilities of our new £28-million Health Campus with its mock operating theatre, hospital ward and intensive care unit.

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