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Offshore wind turbines

Faculty of Science and Engineering, and Aura

Offshore Wind Energy

Continuing Professional Development

Part time
2 days

About the course 

This two-day course provides an insight into the breadth of opportunities and challenges associated with the deployment of Offshore Wind Energy.  It considers the science and engineering of wind turbines and wind farms as well as wider issues of manufacture and installation, integration into the wider energy system and business and stakeholder considerations.  The course addresses the entire wind farm lifetime from initial planning and design through construction and operation to decommissioning.

The course is valuable to those entering the offshore wind industry as well as those who wish to broaden their knowledge across the sector.  It is accessible to those with an engineering and science background but also those with a background in business and management who are seeking to understand the opportunities and challenges that the sector offers.  There will be ample networking opportunities with other learners from like-minded businesses.

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Assessment information

There will be no formal assessment with this course. The course will contain numerous interactive elements, including discussions, games and group exercises that will help the participants to self-assess their knowledge in the peer group.

Attendance requirements

The Offshore Wind Energy course requires two days attendance. Participants attending the full course will receive a certificate from the University of Hull.


What you'll study 

Attendees will learn about the key considerations which need to be addressed throughout a wind farm's lifetime, including how Offshore Wind fpts within the context of other renewable energy systems, and the benefits it can offer for large scale power generation.

You will learn how wind resource can be characterised, how the siting and layout of a wind farm affects its performance and how the characteristics of the marine environment affect these choices. The underlying principles of conversion of wind energy into electricity are introduced and the factors affecting wind turbine and wind farm performance considered. The manufacture, installation and logistics of wind farm construction are covered, as well as the operation and maintenance requirements.  The course also goes into detail around the factors affecting costs and revenues in running wind farms, and the investment decisions discussed. The range of skills required for the stages of wind farm development are discussed and the engagement of the stakeholders is considered.


Ocean wave

The University of Hull is located on the UK’s Energy Estuary, which is at the heart of the Offshore Wind Industry. The tutors have day-to-day contact with leading figures in the industry as well as those working to design, build and maintain Offshore Wind farms. You will benefit from their combination of academic knowledge and industry insights.

Entry requirements 

There are no specific entry requirements. The course will equip businesses with the skills and insight they need to adapt to the emerging challenges and opportunities of the green agenda and issues around sustainability, particularly with regards to Offshore Wind Energy.

Participants in these courses will be required to participate in a brief confidential feedback interview or questionnaire. Although we believe that the content of the course is extremely relevant, practical and appropriate, the feedback will assist us to identify areas for further refinement.

How to apply

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