Paul Anthony Skarratt

Lecturer / Year 3 tutor / UCU representative

01482 466038

Paul Skarratt joined the University as a lecturer in 2007, having held research posts previously at Durham University and Hull.

He was awarded his PhD in Experimental Psychology from Keele University in 2004.



Research Interests

  • Human and non-human vision and action


Cole G G, Atkinson M A, D’Souza A D C, Welsh T N and Skarratt P A, 'Are goal states represented during kinematic observation?', Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception & Performance, 44, pp 226-242 (2018)

Doneva S P, Atkinson M A, Skarratt P A and Cole G G, 'Action or attention in social inhibition of return', Psychological Research, 81, pp 43-54 (2017)

Manzone J, Cole G G, Skarratt P A and Welsh T N, 'Response-specific effects in a joint action task: Social inhibition of return effects do not emerge when observed and executed actions are different', Psychological Research, DOI 10.1007/s00426-016-0794-x (2016)

Cole G G, Skarratt P A and Kuhn G, 'Real person interaction in visual attention research', European Psychologist, 21, pp 141-149 (2016)

Hudson M and Skarratt P A, 'Peripheral Cues and Gaze Direction Jointly Focus Attention and Inhibition of Return', Cognitive Neuroscience, 10, pp 1-7 (2015)

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Programmes taught on

Modules list

Level 4

  • Cognition and Development

  • Global Challenge

  • Research Skills 1

  • Research Skills 2

Level 5

  • Research Skills 3

  • Research Skills 4

  • Social Psychology and Individual Differences

Level 6

  • Understanding Animal Minds

  • Research Project

Research PhDs

Paul welcomes applications in all aspects of human and non-human vision and action.

Completed PhDs

  • Alex Spence, Modulation of cognition and event-related potentials in visual attention (2016)

Current PhD supervisions 

  • Khia Dobbinson, Applying principles from human psychology to an ecological question


Professional highlights


Academic qualifications

  • BSc (Hons)

  • PhD