jack hardisty

Professor Jack Hardisty

Professor of Environmental Physics/ Programme Director for MSc Renewable Energy/ SES Director for Taught Postgraduate Programmes


01482 465176

Jack Hardisty followed a degree in Physics from Kings College London with an MSc in Dynamical Oceanography concentrating on the mathematical modelling of waves and tides, and a PhD in shallow water wave equations.

He was appointed to a New Blood lectureship in London University in 1983 and joined the Hull coastal group in 1988. He was appointed Senior Lecturer, Reader and then Professor of Environmental Physics in 1994.

Jack has served as Head of Department, Dean of School and on a number of University committees and audit groups, and as Director of Research and Examinations Officer.



Research Interests

  • Monitoring and modelling wind, wave and tidal power renewable energy resource

  • Turbulence in wind and tides

Research groups

Centrica Energy (Siemens Gamesa), £150k + studentship, monitoring and modelling the wind power resource - higher frequency offshore wind anemometery and turbulence analysis (2010- )

Parsons Brinkerhoff, £250k and PhD studentships, wave-current interactions in development of harmonic tidal stream power modelling capability - numerical and field data acquisition and analysis (2012-2015)


Hardisty J and Jennings R, 'The Parameterisation of Turbulence in the Marine Environment', Journal of Marine Engineering and Technology, 16, 3 (2016)

Hardisty J, 'Experiments with Point Absorbers for Wave Energy Conversion', Journal of Marine Engineering and Technology, 11, pp 51-62 (2012)

Hardisty J, The Analysis of Tidal Stream Power, Wiley (2009)

Hardisty J, Beaches Form and Process, Wiley (1990)

Hardisty J and Whitehouse R J, 'Evidence for a New Sand Transport Process from Experiments on Saharan Dunes', Nature, 332, pp 532-534 (1987)



Modules list

  • Renewable Energy (leader)
  • Principles of Renewable Energy (leader)
  • MSc Dissertation (leader)
  • Applied Renewable Energy
  • Advanced Wind Power (leader)
  • Research Design

Research PhDs

10 PhD students successfully supervised at RHBNC London University and at Hull. Prof Hardistly welcomes applications in 

  • Monitoring and modelling the wind, wave and tidal power renewable energy resource.

  • Turbulence in wind and tides

Completed PhDs

  • Woo, Fractal Analysis of Landforms (2010)

  • Jennings, Turbulence and Wave Induced Currents in Estuaries (2017)

Current PhD supervisions 

  • Currently supervising a PhD student in offshore roughnes and wind power

Professional highlights


Academic qualifications

  • BSc Physics, London University

  • MSc Dynamic Oceanography, UCNW

  • PhD Shallow water wave mechanics, Hull University