Dr Fernando Correia

Dr Fernando Correia

Lecturer of Sustainable Business Management/ Programme Director of BA Business Management portfolio

Faculty and Department

  • Faculty of Business, Law and Politics
  • Hull University Business School


Dr Fernando Correia has more than 15 years of professional and academic experience in sustainability related fields.

Having started his career as an ecologist and later on in development work in the third sector, he started his research career on the implementation of sustainable tourism across Europe.

Since then he has worked on research on low carbon economy, leadership for sustainability, tourism, wellbeing and ecosystem services, amongst others.

Dr Correia developed the University of Hull's new BA Business Management with Sustainability, one of the first programmes of its kind in the UK.

Research Fellow at the Clear About Carbon project (University of Exeter), a European Social Fund project focused on the development of leadership and management skills for low carbon procurement and supply chain management.

The project led to the development of a carbon literacy e-learning resource, which became part of the National Sustainable Public Procurement Programme, promoted by Defra. It was also

- winner at the ESF-ITM Final Awards for Best Mainstreaming Project (2013)

- shortlisted for General Best Project Award at ESF-ITM Final Awards (2013)

- winner of the Innovation Group category at Cornwall Works WISE Awards (2012)

- winner of ESF Sustainable Development Specialist Project Leader Award (2011)

Under the EU-funded STEPPA (Sustainable Tourism in Enterprises, Parks and Protected Areas) project, Dr. Correia co-developed the guidelines for

- an evaluation, auditing and validation approach for the accreditation of businesses and other partners of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas (aka Charter Part II, from EUROPARC Federation)

- a system for the harmonisation and accreditation of the Charter Part II Certification Programmes at European Level

The Charter Part II system is now being implemented in hundreds of businesses in several countries and Protected Areas implementing the European Charter.

Recent outputs

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Book Chapter

Transition towards sustainability in Hull University Business School: A study of curricular sustainability in the teaching processes

Murga-Menoyo, M. Á., Correia, F., & Espinosa, Á. (2018). Transition towards sustainability in Hull University Business School: A study of curricular sustainability in the teaching processes. In W. Leal Filho (Ed.), Handbook of sustainability science and research (783-802). Cham: Springer International Publishing. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-63007-6_48

Journal Article

Archaeological tourism : a creative approach

Ross, D., Saxena, G., Correia, F., & Deutz, P. (2017). Archaeological tourism : a creative approach. Annals of Tourism Research, 67, 37-47. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.annals.2017.08.001

What meaning for sustainability" The role of tourism academics in securing impact

Correia, F. (2017). What meaning for sustainability? The role of tourism academics in securing impact. Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events, 9(2), 224-227. https://doi.org/10.1080/19407963.2016.1258511

Boundary objects, power, and learning: The matter of developing sustainable practice in organizations

Hawkins, B., Pye, A., & Correia, F. (2017). Boundary objects, power, and learning: The matter of developing sustainable practice in organizations. Management Learning, 48(3), 292-310. https://doi.org/10.1177/1350507616677199

Postgraduate supervision

Dr Correia welcomes applications in the areas of business management and sustainability, corporate responsibility, sustainable tourism, ecosystem services, low carbon procurement and supply chain management, and others that require systems thinking approaches for sustainability problems.

Completed PhDs

- Mettanont W, The Study of Viability and the Management of Knowledge in Community Enterprises in Thailand, University of Hull (2016)

Current PhD supervisions

- Yvonne Black, Understanding the Outcomes of Nature-based Interventions for Health and Wellbeing: Case Studies from the City of Hull

- Francesca Moore, Resilient Farming in a Changing World: Investigating Farmer Agency, Farming Styles and Socio-Governance Set-Ups in the Take-Up of Regenerative Farming Practices in the UK

- David Ross, Creative Tourism as a Means to Enhance Archaeological Heritage

- Ovalia Rukmana, Using Transformative Learning to Respond to Palm Oil Issues: A Study across Business Schools in Indonesia

- David McNeil, Valuing Ecosystem Services in the Isles of Scilly: Towards Benefits Realisation (co-supervision of student at European Centre for Environment and Human Health, University of Exeter)