David Marsland

David Marsland

Lecturer / Programme Director, BA Social Enterprise and Creative Care


01482 463175

Dave has been keen to support innovation and creativity in social care for more than 20 years, working in charities, local authorities and in higher education.

He is passionate about supporting the rights and opportunities of disabled people and people who need long term support to enjoy active lives in the community.

Dave is currently part of a collective of musicians who work alongside disabled people to challenge preconceptions of art and disability.



Research Interests

  • Innovations in social care for adults with long term support needs

  • Preventing the abuse of adults in residential services


Marsland D, Oakes P and Bright N, 'It Can Still Happen Here: Systemic Risk Factors that may Contribute to the Continued Abuse of People with Intellectual Disabilities', Tizard Learning Disability Review, 20 (3), pp 134-146 (2015)

Marsland D, Oakes P and White C, 'Abuse in Care? A research project to identify early indicators of concern in residential and nursing homes for older people', Journal of Adult Protection, 17 (2), pp 111-125 (2015)

White C, Marsland D and Manthorpe J, 'Relocation, Portability and Social Care Practice; a scoping review', The Journal of Social Work (Online Advance Access) (2015)

Hanley J and Marsland D, ‘Unhappy Anniversary?’, Journal of Adult Protection, 16 (2), pp 104-112 (2014)



Programmes taught on

Modules list

  • Working in a Digital World

  • The Politics of Care

  • Social Enterprise

  • Explorations in the Creative Arts

  • Social Work with Adults

  • Safeguarding Adults at Risk

Professional highlights


Academic qualifications

  • MA Social Work

  • BA (Hons) Development Studies