Chris D Walton

Dr Chris D Walton


01482 465203

Chris obtained a BSc in Applied Physics from the University of Hull in 1996 and was awarded a PhD in 2001.

Following his PhD, he worked with Professor Peter E Dyer (Emeritus) as a postdoctoral researcher on laser ablation and light-matter interaction.

In 2007, he was awarded a lectureship and he plays an active role in both teaching and research.

Chris has worked on a range of laser-based projects. More recently, he is investigating laser decomposition of silicon carbide and bio-compatible materials.

He also has an active interest in computational modelling of heat transfer and the structure of tightly-focused cylindrical vector laser beams.



Research Interests

  • Light-matter interaction

  • Laser materials processing

  • Optical simulations


Aesa A and Walton C D, '193 nm ArF laser ablation and patterning of chitosan thin films', Applied Physics A, 124:444 (2018)

Waugh D G, Lawrence J, Walton C D and Zakaria R B, 'On the effects of using CO2 and F2 lasers to modify the wettability of a polymeric biomaterial', Optics & Laser Technology, 42, pp 347-56 (2010)

Cockcroft S, Walton C D and Zakaria R, 'VUV 157 nm laser ablation of composite structures', Applied Physics A: Materials Science & Processing, 101, pp 379-83 (2010)

Dyer P E, Walton C D and Zakaria R, 'Interference effects in 157 nm laser ablated cones in polycarbonate and application to spatial coherence measurement', Applied Physics A: Materials Science & Processing, 95, pp 319-23 (2009)

Dyer P E, Pervolaraki M, Walton C D, Lippert T, Kuhnke M and Wokaun A, 'Ionization in vacuum ultraviolet F2 laser ablated polymer plumes', Applied Physics A: Materials Science & Processing, 90, pp 403-9 (2008)



Programmes taught on

Modules list


  • Experimental Techniques: Undergraduate Laboratories

  • Experimental Group Project


  • Bio-mimetics

  • Laser Applications in Science and Technology

  • Gravity and General Relativity

Research PhDs

Completed PhDs

  • Dr Stephanie Cockcroft, PhD, VUV 157 nm F2 Laser Irradiation of Micro and Nano-scale Particles

  • Andrew Clarke, MSc, Comparison of calculated and measured temperature fields in laser-heated thin film systems

Current PhD 

  • Jon Saul, Laser processing of graphene oxide

  • Abdulsattar Aesa, Laser ablation of bio-degradable materials

  • Qassim Al-Jarwany, Focal regions in high numerical aperture optical systems

  • Arina Mohammed, Laser Interactions of silicon carbide for the synthesis of graphene

Professional highlights