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Dr Alla Detinko


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Alla Detinko, who joined the University of Hull in 2019, previously worked at the University of St Andrews after being awarded a prestigious Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship under the EU Horizon 2020 programme.

Dr Detinko's research is at the interface of mathematics and computer science. Her current focus is a novel domain of computational algebra dealing with the design and implementation of algorithms for computing with algebraic structures.

Her results provide completely new opportunities to solve problems in mathematics and further afield via computer-aided experimentation. This research has been supported by a number of grants from various bodies.



Research Interests

  • Algebra and its applications
  • Symbolic computation

Research groups


Detinko A, Flannery D, Hulpke A, 'Zariski density and computing in arithmetic groups', Mathematics of Computation, 87, pp 967-986 (2018)

Detinko A, Flannery D, 'Linear groups and computation', Expositiones Mathematicae, in press (2018)

Detinko A, Flannery D, Hulpke A, 'Algorithms for arithmetic groups with the congruence subgroup property', Journal of Algebra, 421, pp 234–259 (2015)

Detinko A, Flannery D, de Graaf W, 'Integrality and arithmeticity of solvable linear groups', Journal of Symbolic Computation, 68, pp 138-145 (2015)

Detinko A, Flannery D, O’Brien E, 'Algorithms for linear groups of finite ranks', Journal of Algebra, 393, pp 187–196 (2013)

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Modules list

  • Statistical Inference and Methods
  • Vector and Linear Algebra
  • Practical Programming with MATLAB

Research PhDs

Dr Detinko welcomes applications from students with broad interests in algebra (computational algebra, group theory), both at MSc and PhD level.

Completed PhDs

  • Rossmann T, Algorithms for nilpotent linear groups, National University of Ireland, Galway (2011)


Professional highlights


Academic qualifications

  • PhD in Mathematics, Belarusian State University/Institute of Mathematics, Academy of Sciences of Belarus
  • Docent in Mathematics, scientific title awarded by the Higher Attestation Commission under the Belarusian Council of Ministers for achievements in teaching and research in higher education, entitling the holder to high level positions at universities (professional accreditation)

Awards and accolades

  • Honorary Research Lecturer in Mathematics, awarded by the Personal Professorship Promotion Board of National University of Ireland, Galway