Adham Ashton-Butt

Post-doctoral Research Associate

Adham is part of the new avian migration and disease group at the University of Hull. In addition to his research in avian ecology and migration, he is interested in biodiversity/ecosystem function relationships and sustainable land management.

He particularly values multi-institutional and cross-disciplinary research and welcomes contact from other researchers/organisations who wish to collaborate.



Research Interests

  • State-of-the-art methods in aeroecology
  • Bird migration and ecosystem functioning
  • Wildlife and habitat conservation in Southeast Asia
  • Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in oil palm landscapes


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Tohiran, K. A., Nobilly, F., Maxwell, T., Puan, C. L., Zakaria, M., Ashton-Butt, A., … Azhar, B. (2019). Cattle Grazing Benefits Farmland Bird Community Composition in Oil Palm Plantations. ORNITHOLOGICAL SCIENCE, 18(1), 81–94.